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Okay, I have to let it all out now before I explode. This just sucks ass on so many levels. This was written so poorly that events took place just to mislead us, events that made no sense in the context of what we learn at the conclusion. Why was Travis lurking outside the dorms when Oil Derrick went to visit Naomi that night? In order to trick us into thinking that Travis was a possible killer. Derrick didn't even see him. And since he had no actual reason to be there as part of Jones's little plot, it was pointless. Why did Jones act surprised when she saw Travis buying the gun? It was part of her plan! Why did she run to the telephone booth to call and warn Oil Derrick, when their entire plan depended on him not leaving the loft? The answer is that there was no logical reason. It was done to trick us into thinking that Jones was scared and Travis was dangerous, and that was it. And when, exactly, did Jones finally convince Travis to listen to her instead of to Oil Derrick? That's pretty important. And how, exactly, does one choreograph a fake shooting in advance when one of the people involved doesn't know it's going to take place? This is, like, the opposite of movies like Memento. When you try to put the pieces of the puzzle together, they don't fit at all. This is so stupid. I can't believe I could have ever thought I'd give it a passing grade. So everybody starts to leave for whatever reason, as if the evidence they've collected would be accepted by any court in the United States, as it involved people posing as police detectives and a confession obtained under duress. Jones points out that for once she lied better than Derrick. Oil Derrick idiotically asks what people are going to say so that we can get a good concluding sound bite. Travis responds, "It's [sic] only words. How bad can they be?" Read the script, buddy. That's how bad they can be.

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