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Oil Derrick speaks up in defense of the wronged student. Oil Derrick argues that news and gossip are the same thing and always have been. He goes off on some pointless tangent about contradictions in the Bible. He concludes, "People are people. We do what we do. And then we gossip about it." Wow, A+ for you, young man! "People are people." I think he's just stumbled across The Reflexive Property Of Sociology. People aren't rocks or trees or anything like that. People are people! That explains everything! ["Hey, if it was good enough for Depeche Mode, it's good enough for Oil Derrick." -- Sars] The trio exits post-lecture (no doubt Professor Eric ended the class early so the students could ruminate on Oil Derrick's provocative theory), and they discuss some project or paper they need to do for his class. Jones suggests that they work together. They happen to pass by Rebecca, who actually says hello to Travis and asks how he's doing. Now that he might be related to somebody famous, I guess she's willing to overlook the hygiene issues. Night falls, and the trio arrives at some other dance club. Jones sets the plot in motion by suggesting to the guys that they start a rumor and track it to see what happens and how it grows. Why the hell would their professor give a crap about that? Do you even really need to do a study on that? Are there people out there that are confused about how gossip works? Okay, so you tell somebody some secret about somebody else and then they… buy war bonds? Recycle old car batteries? Switch to Daylight Savings Time? Oh, they tell other people. Okay, I think I understand this mysterious "gossip" now. Could you explain that whole "People Are People" theory to me again? Oil Derrick ups the sexual tension by suggesting they start a rumor that Jones is sleeping with both him and Travis. Jones says nobody would believe that because Oil Derrick doesn't sleep with a girl long enough for her to move in with him. Oil Derrick flirts that he might, if Travis took weekends. He probably means that. Jones takes a picture of the Travis and Oil Derrick on the stairs. The club is another mid-eighties pop-art fantasia. Travis and Oil Derrick hang together. Some girl moves in on Oil Derrick, totally ignoring Travis and his ridiculous scarf. The girl's in Oil Derrick's class and says she was impressed with his complicated theorem on the nature of people. About them being people and all. Meanwhile, Jones is down on the street, taking pictures of club-goers for some unexplained reason. Oh, the reason why is so that she can get interrupted when a car pulls up beside her and bumps her with the car door as people get out. It's Kate "Academy Award™ Non-Winner" Hudson and Joshua "Justify My Recap" Jackson. They're playing Naomi and Beau, and they've come to the club together as a couple. The car has a driver, so obviously these two are wealthy. Jones calls Naomi's name, and as she turns to look, Jones snaps the couple's picture. Mysteriously, actress Marisa Coughlan is hanging around Jones. I think that, between this recap, the Teaching Mrs. Tingle recap, and the Wasteland recaps, Mighty Big TV has covered nearly Marisa's entire career. Whatever vague introduction Marisa's character, Sheila, might have had didn't make it on film, so we're just thrust into a brief exchange between the two of them as Jones gripes at how snobby it is for Naomi and Beau to arrive at a club in the meat-packing district in a Towncar. Yeah, whatever. Like you reject material excess by living in Oil Derrick's gigantic, overly decorated loft, Madame Proletariat.

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