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Inside, people continue to ignore Travis as Oil Derrick buys his lady friend a drink. Jones wanders across the dance floor to see Sheila gossiping with Naomi. Naomi wanders off after giving Jones some stink-eye. Sheila asks Jones if she's going to tell her some sort of secret that Jones has allegedly been keeping. Jones plays dumb, and Sheila says she heard that Jones has been sleeping with Professor Eric Bogosian. Jones thinks Sheila is joking, but she claims she's heard about it from somebody else. Jones wants to know who's saying this. Sheila says she promised not to tell, but glances over to another part of the bar. Jones looks over and sees Naomi there, drinking a martini and serving her another helping of stink-eye. On some other set of stairs, Oil Derrick is on the make with his new friend, but stops when he sees Naomi leading Beau by the hand over to the bar for some kissyface. Oil Derrick's lady asks him if he knows Naomi. He claims that he doesn't, causing the classmate to transform into Empress Exposition. She explains that Naomi transferred in last semester and is very rich. Beau is dating her because he's the only guy left on campus that believes she puts out, but she doesn't. Empress says she doesn't understand women who are afraid of sex as she leads Oil Derrick up the stairs to make out some more. Jones watches them from the dance floor and passes on some of the stink-eye she got from Naomi. Sheila notices this and wanders over, suggesting that Jones wants Oil Derrick, which she weakly denies. Oil Derrick has found refuge with his lady in a bathroom with red tiles and black sinks. It's all so very, very eighties. I think. It's not like I was hip enough to know back then. Or now, for that matter. It just doesn't look right, anyway. The two of them make out on the sink counter. The girl dumps some cocaine on a mirror for them to snort through a dollar bill. Actually she doesn't, but that would complete the eighties vibe, wouldn't it? He starts undressing her, but she gets woozy from all the alcohol. He helps her find her way to the toilet. As he heads back to the sink, he notices a door open a crack, and it looks out into some private room in the club with a bed and everything. Why a room designed ostensibly for private nookie is connected to one of the common bathrooms in the club is a question to be answered by The Viewer's Guide To Plot Contrivances. Naomi and Beau are in this room, making out. Beau is trying to get his hand up Naomi's dress, but she tells him to stop and pushes his hand away. Oil Derrick watches all this through the doorway. Beau lays Naomi down on the bed, but is interrupted by a cough from Oil Derrick's drunken, nameless girl in the bathroom. He investigates and finds the girl, but no sign of Oil Derrick, who is hiding in one of the stalls. Josh is looking pretty good, dressed all in black and sporting a decent hairstyle. He shuts the bathroom door as he leaves.

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Dawson's Creek




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