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Jones has a proud smirk on her face as she returns to the loft to tell the guys about her success at convincing a bunch of students that virginal Naomi is a big ho. The loft is chock full of paintings and sculptures and artwork, and I want to kick these twits out and live there. The three of them giggle at their success. Techno music plays as Travis looks through Jones's negatives and scans in her picture of Naomi into a computer. He makes good use of his PhotoShop utilities and prints out giant pictures of Naomi to play with, all for "art." He attaches her head to the top of that painting of Venus on the half-shell. Oil Derrick looks over all the Naomi crap Travis has got pasted everywhere and wonders how he's going to turn it in for a project. Well, the whole loft looks like an art gallery, anyway. Why not just have an opening and invite the professor? Travis whines that Oil Derrick thinks he's a freak. Dude, you are. Derrick praises his "art." He tells Travis that he knows he's confused and has doubts, but Picasso and Van Gogh had doubts, too, and that's what made them brilliant. Ugh -- I hate that method of trying to make somebody feel better by telling him that they have traits in common with somebody famous and successful. Picasso and Van Gogh frequently had to urinate, just like Travis. Maybe that made them brilliant. Or perhaps it was because their artwork didn't involve taking photographs by somebody else and pasting them on reproductions of paintings also by somebody else. Elsewhere, two students (one of whom is the girl chastised by Professor Bogosian for thinking about her hair) are relating the gossip about Naomi as they climb some stairs in some college building. Their gossiping is cut off when they get to the top of the stairs and encounter Sheila and Naomi, who could hear what they were saying. Sheila gives the two girls a judgmental look, as if she had nothing to do with the spread of the rumor. Naomi runs off. We cut to some greasy-spoon diner that the set decorator has tried (and utterly failed) to make over as a charming little bistro. They didn't even bother to hang all the artwork. Some paintings are just resting on counters, leaning against the walls. Perhaps they blew all of their budget on the loft and had to lay off the decorator. Jones works here, and as she operates the grill, Naomi and Beau wander in and take seats at the lunch counter. Naomi tells Beau that she's heard the sex rumor from a couple of places now and wonders what he's been telling people. Beau says that he doesn't have to lie about sex, so Naomi wants him to tell him what really happened that night. This causes Josh to reach into the future and pull out some lines from Pacey's fights with Joey in season four of Dawson's Creek and complain that she can't make up her mind about whether or not she wants to have sex, which has nothing to do with any of this. Naomi asks Beau why he's so angry, and he snarks back, "Jeez, Naomi, I wonder," which is the male equivalent of "If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you," so you guys should quit complaining that women won't tell you why they're mad at you. Naomi says he didn't answer her question, and stomps out. That was a stupid argument. Why would Beau refuse to allay Naomi's concerns that they had sex when she was unconscious? It's obvious as hell where this is going, and the way Beau heightens Naomi's fears that he took advantage of her here is ridiculous and unrealistic. Despite the fact that he's upset that she's running hot and cold on the sex issue, if Beau had half a brain at all, he wouldn't be letting her even think they engaged in sexual activity if they didn't. Jones, of course, overhears all of this.

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