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Jones is sitting on the steps outside some college building or another. She notes a couple of uniformed cops walking by as Sheila comes to collect her to go to some class or other. As they walk past Detective Sharon taking down some notes from student interviews, Jones asks Sheila what's going on. Sheila explains that Naomi is pressing rape charges against Beau. Jones is shocked. The two detectives interview Beau, who insists he didn't do it. Sharon brings up the rumors, and Beau says these people weren't there. He admits that he didn't tell the skeevy guys the truth, just let them come to the incorrect conclusion that he and Naomi got it on. He tells her his version of events. Beau traipses into trouble over the part where Naomi asked him to stop. Rather than saying the truth -- that she conked out after saying that -- he gives the idiot fratboy "she said no, but she meant yes" response. Beau really needs to be taking a class on communication himself. Even without the rumors, he keeps digging himself holes. He insists that he didn't rape Naomi. Back at the loft, Jones is freaking out and wants the three of them to come clean because things are spiraling out of control. The walls are covered with images of women as part of Travis's "art." I would recommend titling it "Portrait Of The Artist As A Sexually Frustrated Young Man." Travis is fascinated at the idea that somebody could be arrested on the basis of a story that's not true. Oh, great. I'm just getting a handle on this horrible "gossip" thing. Now you expect me to believe that there are people in prison who are actually innocent of the crimes that put them there? I think I'm just going to hide in my room until Christmas and wait for Santa Claus to bring me a bicycle and a Game Boy Advance. Jones is annoyed at Travis and Oil Derrick's lack of concern. Oil Derrick rationalizes keeping his mouth shut by explaining that he doesn't know for certain that Beau didn't rape Naomi, and that he didn't see everything that took place. Jones gets pissed because the whole reason they went with that rumor was because Oil Derrick said he knew it didn't happen. Jones insists that they go tell the police, but Oil Derrick greasily points out that if it turns out Beau did rape Naomi after all, then exposing their rumor could possibly result in Beau getting away with it. He argues that the police will find evidence of whether or not the rape took place, and they shouldn't worry. Then he gives Jones a glass of booze, because everybody knows alcohol keeps those proletarians in line.

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