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More handheld shots to indicate rave-y confusion. Jen searches the crowd for Andie. She finds Jack, who introduces her to the Desktop Dollies he's dancing with, and she asks what became of Andie; when Jack admits that he lost track of her, Jen chastises him and drags him off to help her find Andie. Jack asks what's with her and why she's monitoring Andie. Jen just wants to make sure Andie's all right. "Why wouldn't she be?" Guilty stare. "Let's just find her."

The moon bounce. The giant inflated gorilla head at the top of the moon bounce -- only millimeters larger than Dawson's in circumference -- bobs gently as we pan down to Dawson and Gretchen, uh, bouncing. Dawson "accidentally" sails over and falls on top of Gretchen. Shot of Gretchen cackling way out of proportion to any fun or humor in the situation. Endless, time-bending, eye-melting shot of Dawson leering down at her with his capped teeth and oily fringe of bangs. Just before the director moves in with a hose, Gretchen tells him that "this is a no-parking zone, buddy, move it," and after an eternity, Dawson rolls off of her (yeeeeeeeeecchh) and helps her up.

Andie and Drue enter the moon bounce, and Andie whoops and screeches and shouts that "this is so much fun, it's like a big gang bounce," and while I really didn't need the visual that the word "gang" provided, I have to say, a rolling Andie is a funny Andie. In fact, now that the writers have wisely done away with Bad Andie (tm Domino's) from last season, I kind of like the character, and I wish they'd keep her around and give her something real to do, because she's the only person on the show that ever cracks me up even slightly. Anyway, then there's a rainbow-lighted blipvert, and Andie loses her footing and staggers off to the side, and the others keep jumping, and Dawson smoothes his moist 'n' chewy bangs down behind his ears for the umpteenth time, and there's a pink blipvert, and Dawson asks Andie if she's okay, and Gretchen and Drue shout unintelligibly, and there's an orangey blipvert, and Andie says she has a headache and furrows her brow, and Dawson suggests that she take a break, and she nods vaguely and takes Dawson's hand and calls out for Drue, and Drue says something to her in a slowed-down devil voice, and the blipverts speed up. Jack and Jen approach the moon bounce, and Andie clutches her head and says she doesn't feel so…boom, down she goes in slo-mo like a ton of bricks, knocking Dawson over. Jack rushes into the moon bounce and asks Dawson what happened, and Dawson doesn't know, "she just collapsed," and Drue shoots Jen a guilty look, and Jen stares at Andie all horrified, and Jack begs Andie to "wake up" and "don't do this," and then he kicks it promo-style, screaming, "SOMEBODY HELP US," and we go to ceiling-cam and a series of cross-fade shots of Andie and Jack and Dawson in the moon bounce as the lights flash around them.

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