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Chemical sisters

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Jack carries Andie into the emergency services tent (I know, I know -- just go with it) and tells them what happened. The paramedics ask what she's on. Jack starts to explain about Andie's antidepressant Nardil, but they don't mean medications and they ask again what she's on. Jen murmurs that she took a tab of Ecstasy. "With Nardil?" one of the paramedics asks in an incredulous tone. Andie's temperature is 103 and her blood pressure is 190 over 110 (that's high); they tell Jack and the gang that they need to get Andie to the hospital "like ten minutes ago," and they use a sheet to hoist her up.

Cut to Andie getting loaded into an ambulance on a gurney. One of the paramedics says that anyone who's riding along should get in. "Yeah, that's me," Jack says hoarsely, and as he climbs into the ambulance, Jen begs him to let her come with him. "I think you've done enough for tonight," Jack tells her coldly. Jen says he doesn't understand: "I didn't know she was on her medication, I, I would have been more --" "What does it matter?" Jack bellows. "You gave my sister drugs, Jen! It should be you in this ambulance." He ducks inside, and the paramedics slam the doors behind him. Jen hugs herself and watches the ambulance pull out. The gang looks on silently; Dawson steps forward and asks if Jen needs a ride to the hospital. After nearly a full minute of silent shell-shocked head-shaking, Jen says no, she should probably just go home. "Okay," Dawson says, unable to look at her. "Let's go, guys." The rest of the gang follows him; nobody makes eye contact with Jen. Oh, that's nice. Way to find out what actually happened before passing judgment, guys -- and that goes double for Joey, who didn't exactly cover herself with laurels in the punch-drinking department a couple of weeks ago. Drue remains behind; he strolls up to Jen, but instead of busting on her, he actually shows some sympathy: "How is she?" "Not good," Jen quavers. "Really not good." Drue puts a hand on Jen's back and says he'll take her home.

At the Ryan Home, Jen climbs the steps to the front porch and beats herself up, saying that "all the warning signs were there" when she and Andie talked at the park, but she didn't see them. "She took the stuff, it's not your fault," Drue says wearily, and I have to agree. I also have to say -- and I probably should have said it earlier -- that I don't think Andie as written would mix recreational drugs with her medication. She seems pretty informed about her illness, so it's kind of out of character for her. Yeah, yeah, they've got to write her off of the show somehow, but they could have found a less implausible device, or done some research on -- good lord, what am I even saying? Forget it. Anyhow, Jen blames herself some more, saying that the medication thing is irrelevant, she's still responsible, but Drue argues that "Andie is responsible for her own choices, even her bad ones" and asks why Jen wants to "play…the martyr here." Jen bitches him out; Andie's her friend, "and she's in the hospital right now because of something that she got from me, and you don't think I should feel bad?" Drue rolls his eyes: "You want something to feel bad about? How about the way your quote-unquote friends iced you?" Again, the man's got a point. Jen, the wind knocked out of her, tells him she hates the way he twists everything and makes to go inside, but Drue stops her to remind her that, no matter what Andie says, on Monday morning the gang will make out like it's Jen's fault. "You came here the banished bad seed, Jen, that's all you'll ever be to them," he says, adding that they want her to "play that role" so that they can feel better about themselves. "And I thought I was damaged," Jen grits out. "You are. So am I. And that's why we need each other," Drue says all intensely. "We're coming from the same place here, Jen." Jen says that they came from the same place, "but now we're miles apart, and I intend to keep it that way." Jen grabs the edge of the door, snaps, "Now I'm gonna call my friend and see how she's doing," and slams the door in Drue's face. Drue starts to say something, then just sighs.

The hospital. Jack comes out to the waiting room to report to the gang that Andie's "stable now." He PSAs that she suffered some kind of "hypertensive crisis," and that the older variety of antidepressant that she's on turns into "a time bomb when it's mixed with the wrong thing," so it's lucky things turned out the way they did, "that she didn't, um…God, she coulda died," and Joey gets up to give the weeping Jack a hug. Pacey looks concerned. Gretchen looks sad. Jack recovers to say that the hospital wants to keep Andie overnight, and he's sure she appreciates their staying, but she's probably not in the mood for visitors, so they should just head home and call Andie tomorrow. Gretchen agrees that Andie needs her rest, and so do they. Jack says he'll see them tomorrow and heads back to Andie's room. Gretchen asks Pacey if he's okay. He's not; he "should have known something was wrong," or known "how bad it was." Dawson says -- pretty nicely, considering that it's Dawson -- that even if Pacey had realized, "there's nothing [he] could have done." Joey comes over to comfort Pacey, and Pacey tells her he thinks he'll stay there tonight, "if that's okay" with her. After a split-second hesitation, Joey says, "Completely," then asks if he wants company. They hug, and Dawson looks away uncomfortably as Pacey says no, he'll just call Joey when he gets home. Joey kisses his shoulder, then hands him her jacket to use as a pillow and gives him a smooch on the forehead. Aw. That's kinda cute. Joey, Gretchen, and Dawson move off down the hall. Pacey sits down heavily and kneads Joey's jean jacket in his hands.

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