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Witterschloss porch. "Not exactly the evening I had in mind when I invited you," Gretchen sighs. "I don't think anybody had this evening in mind," Dawson shrugs, "but, uh, I'm glad I went," and he comes to a stop a little too close to her, like he's got a mind to kiss her. "Me too," Gretchen says brightly, working the "don't kiss me" body language with her hands on her hips. Dawson gets the hint and makes to leave, and Gretchen says she'll see him at work, but then she stops him to say that his friendship means a lot to her. We go to close-up, and her straightened hair looks ten times better in this shot, like, let's hear it for Alberto VO5. Gretchen goes on to say that she's had a hard time "coming back here," but Dawson has "made the transition a lot more enjoyable" than she expected. Blech. Get off the sauce, Gretchen. Dawson smiles, "Good. That's what friends are for. Keep smiling…keep shining, knowing you can always count on meeeee…for suuuuuure…that's what friends are fooooooor." Well, except for the singing part. He goes back to the car; Joey's leaning against the fender and looking up at the stars, brow furrowed. "Weird night, huh?" he says. "Yeah," she whispers, then confides that she's not even tired. "How 'bout hungry?" She does the patented half-smile and turns to look at him, and they share a Denny's brain wave and get into the car.

Hospital room. Andie tearfully apologizes to Angry. "I'm not mad, Andie," Angry says. "I just look mad because my eyeballs have decomposed." Okay, he doesn't say that last part. Jack pipes up flatly, "I am." Andie and Angry turn to look at him. Jack, wearily: "You…the three of us, we, um…we need each other. You can't do stupid things like this, Andie, you just can't, I mean, think about what our family's been through already." Andie says through tears that she knows, and it's the stupidest thing she's ever done, but "I wanted to feel something, you know? Anything." Angry strokes her forehead: "It's okay. We'll get through this, as long as we can communicate, you know, as…a family." Andie has to tell them what she's going through, Angry says: "No more secrets." Damn, Angry got downright sensitive over the summer hiatus. I'd have had to change his nickname if he had, you know, lived. Andie says okay. Enter Pacey with "twenty-five-cent coffee from the machine, so don't get your hopes up." Heh -- no kidding. One time I had to take the Biscuit to the ER after he got into a skiing accident, and I made the mistake of getting a coffee while I waited, and another lady who had brought her husband in for dialysis got a coffee at the same time, and we wound up going outside together to have a smoke, and we both tasted our coffee at the same time, and we did a synchronized spit-take because the coffee tasted like ether. I guess you had to be there, but hospital coffee is seriously the most terrifying substance on earth. Anyway, Clan McPhee chuckles politely, and Andie says in a tone of pleased surprise, "You stayed." Pacey didn't have anything better to do, so he thought he'd stay and "bug" Andie. Jack shoots Pacey a strange worried look; Andie whispers, "You're not bugging me," and starts to apologize for what she said to him earlier, but he tells her not to worry about it: "What matters now is that you're okay." He takes her hand. "Thanks," Andie says sadly.

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