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Chemical sisters

The sun comes up over a dock. An ovary sings about promises as we see Dawson and Joey in silhouette; Dawson says that it doesn't seem right to see such a beautiful sunrise after the night they've just had. Joey talks about the way Andie looked when they put her in the ambulance. Dawson says it's scary how "things can turn so bad so fast," and Joey segues into "it's scary how real everything's been this past year, you know?" and says that between Jen and Pacey getting caught in the storm and Andie nearly OD-ing, she realizes that any of them "could go at any moment, for the stupidest of reasons." Dawson sighs that he can remember when parties "were bowling and birthday cakes," and now they can "actually kill you." Shut up, Dawson. "Another perk of growing up in the new millennium," he adds pompously. Oh, whatever, Greasel Proust. Awkward pause (tm Key Grip). Joey says gawkily that, in less than a year, "we'll all be outta here," and when Dawson murmurs that he knows, she says it's sad that, after eighteen years, "there's gonna be no one rowing our boats anymore." I really hope that Deprogramming University is on Joey's list of preferred colleges. Dawson wouldn't "put the boats in dry-dock" yet. Joey, pleased that he still cares, grinningly asks if he has plans for their boats, and he says that he thinks she should give her boat to Alexander, and he'll give his to his new brother or sister. Joey is agape: "That's why Gale's been so sick lately?" Dawson nods, chuckling. "Congratulations, oh my God," Joey says, hopping down from the railing to give Dawson a hug, and she says that "Capeside wouldn't be Capeside without a little Leery running around." "Or rowing across the creek to get to your house," Dawson grunts. Joey laughs in assent before observing that hearing the news makes her feel…"Old?" Dawson finishes for her. "How'd you know that?" Because he's -- anyone? Anyone want to take this one? Aw, come on, you guys know this one -- HER SOULMATE. Gaaaaahhh. Dawson felt the same way: "Nothing propels you into adulthood faster than the next generation nipping at your heels." "Nipping"? Shut up, Dawson. Joey beams at him; Dawson looks away, unnerved. Joey stammers that she's thought about it, and wherever they go next, "it's hard to imagine life without [him]." Dawson thinks this over, then observes a little too mildly, "You did pretty well for three months." Yeah, Dawson, she did, so why don't you just act all pissy when she tries to reach out to you? Oh, you've got that covered -- my mistake. Asshole. Joey chooses not to fight him on it, though, saying in a hopeful tone, "You know what I mean." Dawson gives her a long look before ceding, "Yeah. Yeah, I do." He turns to look out to sea, sighing melodramatically. Joey regards him silently and bites her lip. The ovary mangles "Fields Of Gold." Fade to a long shot of Joey and Dawson, sitting in companionable silence.

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