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Aaaaanyway. Little detour down Memory Lane there. So, Jack says that he expects to get the same speech from Angry when he gets into clown college (shout-out?), and Angry gives Jack a quick hug around the shoulders and then goes to phone his fellow alumni and tell them the news. Andie and Jack sigh tolerantly at their rabidly pro-Harvard father, and Jack comments that it's "a big sweater to fill." When Andie, silently checking her crimson-clad self in the mirror, doesn't respond, Jack tells her not to let Angry "get to" her, and not to "freak [herself] out, either." "I'm not freaked out -- I'm not anything," Andie shrugs, saying that she wishes she would freak out; it's supposedly the greatest moment of her life, and she "should feel amazing or happy or something." Jack skeptically asks if she really doesn't feel anything, and Andie sighs, "One big fat empty." If I recall correctly, after the initial surge of joy, the whole getting-into-college thing felt pretty anticlimactic, and Andie shouldn't worry about it, but Andie expositions that her medication is responsible; it helps even out her lows, but in doing so, it tends to dampen her highs. She tells Jack not to worry, she'll "be bouncing off the walls in a few days," which prompts Jack to remember that he got a flyer for the rave, and he thinks she should go -- she just got into Harvard, and she deserves a night of "wild, reckless abandon." She gives him a "sounds good to me" look.

Cut to the Capeside High computer lab, where Jen is doing research on CollegeSeeker.net. As her mouse strays over the entry for Pace University (one of my cousins went there -- shout-out?), the AOL guy product-placingly tells her, "You've got mail!" It's a scan of the rave flyer, sent by Drue. Jen clears her throat before muttering at Drue that, if he sends it to her once more, she'll slam his fingers "in the doorjamb [sic]." Whuh? At a desk behind her, Drue tells her, "Come on, think back to your halcyon heyday. You were the über-raver." "Halcyon"? Shut up, Drue. And if Jen went to so many raves, how come we've never heard about it before now? I mean, we know she allegedly used to go out clubbing, and we know she got caught with that Billy guy in her parents' bed, but never have the writers said a word about raves, or drugs, until this season. Oh, why do I bother. Moving on -- Drue calls Jen "a pod person" and says that the Jen he knew "thrived on" her rep as a party girl and "personified fun." He makes fun of her for browsing CollegeSeeker.net, and she mutters between clenched teeth that she remembers why her skin crawls every time he's around; he tells her that her skin crawls because he reminds her "of what [she's] missing." Jen needs "stimuli," Drue says; too long without it, and the "little voices inside" start asking for it, and Drue bets that by now Jen's little voices "are screaming." Yeah, no doubt -- to the tune of "get us off of this fucking show!" and "we know what really happened to that continuity editor who 'went on an extended sabbatical'!" and "shut up, Drue -- FUCKING SHUT UP!" God knows my little voices started in with that months ago. Anyway, Drue tortures Jen further by telling her that, when he came back downstairs after her non-birthday non-party, he found Jen, and the Ecstasy he'd given her, gone. She calls him "such a bastard." Drue lays on the peer non-pressure with a trowel. Jen tells him she's "no longer fourteen and naïve," and he'll have to do better than that, but she's clearly flustered. Drue slings more Dr. Feelgood bullshit in her direction and leaves; she glares at his retreating back. Seriously, I don't know why Jen doesn't just laugh him off -- the whole "come back to the dark side" routine is a joke. ["I don't know why the other students in the lab don't tell them both to keep it down, already." -- Wing Chun]

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