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Chemical sisters

Dawson. Gretchen. Dorky map-point guy. Gretchen asks if Dawson's okay with "the Joey-Pacey component of the evening." Dawson says that it's awkward, but he'll live, and tells Gretchen that his parents decided to keep the baby. She reacts enthusiastically; he says he'd have told her sooner, but "in light of…" She waves this away and tells him he can "absolutely talk to" her about it, and he says he really wanted to share and he's excited and the planets have once again aligned in orbit around him, blah dee blah. Gretchen busts out a non-witty bromide about the benefits of younger siblings. Dawson thanks her again for her counsel. Gretchen's split ends gleam under the floodlight. Gretchen says that, if there's one thing she's good for, it's the occasional "attitude adjustment." Well, that and using your Social Security check to buy beer. She and Dawson share a friendly laugh. Bleah.

Wal-Rave parking lot. The McPhees and Jen pull into a parking space, and Jack pops out of the car, shouting, "Aw, man, this is awesome -- rave time has arrived!" Jack? I'll let it go this time, but -- shut up. Jen quickly asks Andie if they've finished their conversation, and if Andie's okay; Andie says they have, and she feels "really great." Jen asks for the X back. Andie says reluctantly that she hopes Jen won't get mad, but she "sort of took one." Jen freaks and asks when she took it blah blah blah Andie "carpe diem" blah blah blah Jen "this is so not good for you" blah blah blah Andie "you said it was amazing the first few times" blah blah blah she's earned an amazing night and she'll pay Jen back blah blah blah Jen doesn't care about the money, she cares about Andie blah blah blah trip-cakes. Andie says again that she feels fine, and asks if they can not tell Jack about this, because he wouldn't approve. Jen grudgingly agrees.

Dawson, Gretchen, Joey, and Pacey head for the Wal-Rave entrance, running into Drue on their way. Non-witty non-repartee. The McPhees and Jen walk up, and Dawson congratulates Andie on her Harvard acceptance; she's starting to bliss out, and she hugs Dawson, Joey, and Pacey juuuust a little bit longer than she should. Drue points this out to Joey while Andie embraces Pacey, then takes off. Gretchen asks dismissively, "Who is that guy?" "Did you ever meet Abby Morgan?" Dawson asks. Ba dum bum. Dawson Leery, ladies and gentlemen. Try the fishcake, it's delicious. Andie gushes to Jen that "this place is so beautiful," and Jen grimly herds her inside.

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