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Chemical sisters

Inside the Wal-Rave, it's time for a montage of dancing bodies, flashing lights, and smoky air. The gang comes in and surveys the dance floor; Gretchen makes Smurfy "woo woo" noises and does the churn-the-butter dance with her hands over her head, Dawson smiles goofily, and Andie strokes Joey's arm. Jen yanks her away: "Andie -- petting Joey? Not a good way to maintain a low profile." Hee. Jen tells Andie that she needs to "maintain," especially around people she'll see again after the weekend; Andie again tells her that she's "fiiiiiine," and that Jen doesn't have to worry about her. Jen tells Andie that she wants to keep an eye on Andie, so Andie should "stick by" her. Andie wrinkles her nose and beams, "You're the best, Jen," and starts smoothing Jen's hair and saying how soft it feels, and Jen smothers a laugh, grabs Andie's hand, and tells her she has to try harder. Jack comes up and, well, raves about the rave, followed by Drue, who asks, "Which of you McPhees is gonna dance?" Andie squeals, "Me!" Drue leads her away; Jen tells Jack to keep an eye on Andie and Drue while she goes to get some water, because "he's not the kind of guy you leave your sister with." Jack nods and disappears into the crowd behind Andie and Drue. Jen looks around and starts to sigh heavily, but the editor chops off the reel and dumps us into the WB Wednesday Night promo. Who edits the show these days, Stevie Wonder?

Back from commercial to the Wal-Rave. "Trippy" montage featuring lots of swooping hand-held Blair Witch camerawork, close-ups on lights, and dolly shots past banks of neon tubes. Oh, now I feel like I'm there. Or I would if the rave didn't look like a club in Jersey, which it does. Anyway, over by the smart-drinks bar in a wash of distracting pink light, Gretchen apologizes to Joey for "the Dawson snafu," explaining that when she initially invited him, he said no. Joey says it's okay, and that she's kind of glad they all ended up going together; she adds that things between her and Dawson have slowly begun improving. Gretchen's glad to hear that: "The three of you have so much history. And Dawson's such a great guy." We get it, Neil Not-Young -- shut up already. Joey considers for a moment, then decides to forge ahead: "Speaking of Dawson, um, and I know this is none of my business, but -- is there possibly, even in the vaguest way, um, well, something happening with you and Dawson?" Gretchen pales, runs to a nearby trash can, and hurls into it before -- oh, sorry, she just laughs and asks where that came from. Joey reminds Gretchen of Dawson's "incredibly infamous crush" on her. Gretchen shoots back, "Yeah, the one that ended when he was, like, twelve." She bops away from Joey, but Joey persists: "Well, um, see, Gretchen, um…Dawson has this, uh, way of hanging onto things since he was, like, twelve." Gretchen, bobbing up and down in place, starts to look thoughtful as Joey goes on, "Yeah, I mean, sure, he outgrows them, puts them in their proper perspective, but that doesn't always mean that they're gone." Gretchen chews her lip; Joey theorizes that if Dawson thinks there's a chance with Gretchen…Gretchen interrupts to say that, if Dawson's waiting for "some childhood crush" to come back to him, he's not waiting on Gretchen, and she gives Joey a pointed look before strutting off. Joey half-rolls her eyes and sighs.

In the crowd, Andie dances happily; Drue watches, amused, and then shouts, "Andie McPhee, you are so high!" "Me? No I'm not!" Andie says quickly, a confused smile on her face, but Drue strokes her face and she blisses out again. Okay, okay, she's rolling. We get it. Drue laughs, "Feels good, don't it?" and Andie snaps out of it all busted and tells him conspiratorially that she's "supposed to be maintaining," and that Jen's looking after her. Drue tells her that he's "a far, far better guide through the looking glass [sic] than Jen Lindley will ever be." Cram it, Timothy Dreary -- no one cares. Andie ignores him and plays with his hair. "Come on, Ivy League, let's have fun," Drue says, taking her hand again, and they dance past a girl in a blue wig and yellow goggles who actually looks like she might belong at a real-life rave, and the crowd swallows them up.

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