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Chemical sisters

In the quiet room, Joey finds Pacey moping on a couch. She tells him mock-sternly that he's violating the buddy system. He makes a sardonic comment about "the most tuneless music known to man." ["Watch your mouth, pal -- that was the Chemical Brothers!" -- Wing Chun] She in turn makes a crack about having failed to dress in "what can only be described as an homage to Japanese animation." Oh, all right: heh. More convo about how it's not their thing, and then a smooch, and then Joey shoots him a sidelong glance and asks if he remembers how they used to play "barnacle for your thoughts." Instead of a barnacle, she crowns him with a neon glow necklace and compliments him on the Caesar look (shout-out to our boards? I think so), and Pacey admits that he misses the "True Love." "I miss her too, Pacey," Joey says sadly. Pacey puts his arm around her.

Off to the side of the main dance floor, Dawson catches up with Gretchen and offers her a glow necklace. She reacts less than keenly, so Dawson asks if something's wrong, and she sighs and says there's no easy way to ask what she's going to ask, so she'll just put it out there: "Is it possible, even in the vaguest way, that you're here because you think there's a chance something might be happening between us?" Dawson says in a patronizing tone that there is something happening between them: "It's called friendship." "And that's all you expect?" she asks. Dawson wants to know if he did anything that made her think he expected more, and she says no, she feels ridiculous, it's totally out of the blue, and Dawson cops to having a huge crush on her back in the day, "but I don't think that's where either one of us are at [sic] right now." "At"? Whatever, Me Generation. "So where are we at?" Gretchen asks. Dawson reprises his customary poor-betrayed-me aria, saying that "when that boat sailed last summer," he lost his two best friends, but he's moved on and made a new friend in Gretchen: "You're easy to talk to, you give really good advice…but I don't expect anything." Gretchen smiles warmly as he yammers on about how it's the opposite, it's nice to "be in the present with somebody," yadda, and his hair seriously looks like he's understudying the role of the depressed brother in Crumb: The Musical. Gretchen chooses to believe Dawson's post-hippie in-the-now blithering and changes the subject, asking, "Dance or bounce?" Dawson gives her a condescending smile and repeats, "'Bounce'?"

Cut to Drue and Andie, giggling. Andie flounces along, sucking on a lollipop, and the two of them run into Pacey and Joey. Andie squawks, "It's you guys! I love you guys," and wraps her arms around Pacey. Heh. Drue makes a snide comment; Pacey shoots Drue a droll glance over Andie's shoulder, and Joey looks uncomfortable. Then Andie flails towards Joey, who thinks Andie's "done enough hugging for one night." Andie just wants to show them how much she loves them both; she thinks they're "so good together," and Joey is "so nice -- well, except for the time when you dumped Dawson for Pacey. That was pretty cold." Bwa! Joey and Pacey stare at her in frank horror as she flames on, "But really, who can blame you? I mean, it's Pacey." A quick shot of Drue looking back and forth between Andie and Pacey with barely disguised glee; then Andie opens up a vein of truth and bleeds all over everyone: "I pretend not to care, but I have to admit, Pace, you are the love of my life…" Shot of Pacey smiling awkwardly. "…and I am so not over you." Joey eyebrowing "what -- the -- fuck" in Pacey's direction. Back to Andie: "I hope it's okay that I said that -- I mean, we're all really good friends, so it shouldn't be that big of a secret, right?" "It's news to me, Andie," Joey grumps. Drue grins. Andie tells Joey not to worry -- Pacey is "so over" her, and "such the faithful type," and she admits that if she'd stayed faithful herself, maybe they'd "still be together," like, thank you for finally realizing that, Andie, but that horse is so far out of the barn that it's already glue. "Are you feeling all right, Andie?" Pacey asks. She says she feels great, and she and Drue are "gonna go bounce," and she invites them to come, but Pacey tells them to go ahead. Andie and Drue skip off. Joey and Pacey just stand there, stunned and blinking.

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