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Guerilla Filmmaking (1)

So, now Dawson's filming outside of what looks like some fancy-schmancy government type building thing. Joey walks up to him. Stupid Soulmates Piano twaps in the background as they smile at each other. She asks if he has any other crises for her to solve. Not unless she can fix the ending of the movie, Dawson sighs. "Do they end up happily ever after, or not so much?" Joey asks. "Not so much. He kills her," Dawson says. Not so much, indeed. Joey dubs this "depressing." And cynical, Dawson says, before launching into some long speech about how he's lost his hopeful Spielbergian side. "Apparently," he cracks, "I'm in my dark period." Joey looks thoughtful and tells him that she once saw a bit of graffiti scrawled on a bus stop bench that has never left her. "Hope dies last," she recites. She's never forgotten that, she says. "I think you're waiting for a sign," she says. He snarks that he's freezing his ass off doing it. Joey smiles. "Did it ever occur to you, Dawson Leery, that I'm the sign you're looking for?" she asks, and then walks away. Dawson makes a confused face, along with all the kids playing along at home. Joey turns. "It's going to be okay, for all of us," she calls. And then leaves. Dawson has no idea what's going on. Neither do I. She's…the sign? Of what? Was that…? Did they cut a scene from this episode? How is she the sign? What does she signify? Am I supposed to understand that? My head hurts. Recapping this show isn't supposed to make my head hurt! I mean, not from thinking about it, anyway. Smacking my skull against a wall, that's an entirely different story.

Jen runs into Jack on her way back to Grams's. He's sitting on a bus stop bench, carving "hope dies last" into the wood with a penknife. Not really. Really, he's lighting a cigarette. Jen sits down next to him and take the cig out of his mouth. "What's happened to you?" she asks quietly. Jack stares ahead bleakly. "It's hard to say. I seem to remember the two of us hanging out in front of the coffee stand at the beginning of the year. Then the dumb guy with a dream comes up and invites us to a frat party, and after that it's all kind of a blur." Jen makes a sympathetic face. Jack finally looks over at her and wonders if he can ask her a question. She nods. "Did you like Notting Hill?" Jen's mouth drops open. "Are you kidding? I loved that movie!" Jack's face finally cracks into a grin.

Over at the set, Dawson has a breakthrough about the ending. Do any of you really care? Neither do I. Basically, he cuts the whole part where Charlie has to kill Audrey, and he tells her to do all sorts of vague things, and when she doesn't quite get her motivation, he tells her to "shoot first, ask questions later," and it just occurs to me that that was a little play on words. With the shooting of the gun and the shooting of the movie? Clever, that Leery kid. Well, not that clever. He announces to the crew that they're going do to the last scene in one long shot. "Think Orson Welles, Touch of Evil," like, you wish, Dawson. That one long shot in Touch of Evil is like twelve minutes long and basically unparalleled in cinematic history. ["And the likelihood of more than a couple kids his age even knowing the shot he's talking about in the first place? Nil." -- Sars] In other words, good luck with that. And…action! Yammer, yammer, acting, acting, yammer. "You ruined my life," "I did a bad thing," "It was all part of the trip," "Journey," "Moment," "Life," blah blah blah. And then in the middle of the scene it starts to snow, and Audrey looks up into the sky and laughs and Dawson's all gesturing at the crew to go with it and then Audrey and Charlie run off together and that's the end of the movie and Charlie still has a gun stuck in his waist band and I totally don't understand how snow makes you not want to kill people. But Dawson's chuckling happily, and everyone else is transfixed by the magic of weather, so I guess he fixed the ending. Way to go with that! Or whatever.

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