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Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Moving right along to the campfire, where Jen and Pacey find the McPhees, Dawson, and Joey -- all together now -- sitting around outside. In strappy dresses, bare legs, and skimpy cardigans. On Cape Cod. In November. And yes, I saw their coats, but I've spent many a Thanksgiving on the Cape, and it is as cold as the proverbial witch's teat outside nine years out of ten. Pacey asks if he can sit next to Andie, and she says yes. Dawson observes that "it's been awhile" since they've all spent time together, "and I must say, it's nice." Jen agrees, then refers sarcastically to the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special, and Andie remembers that one with enthusiasm, which makes Pacey laugh and put his arm around her as Joey says that maybe "'Life Is A Group Hug' is a little premature," adding, "I'm sure we'll find a way to be estranged again in no time." Dawson says that "in a world where the people that raise you end up letting you down, it's an honor and a privilege to have you guys to turn to." Never mind the fact that, for that comment, we can add another pimp-slap to the long list Dawson's parents owe him, nor the fact that these characters seldom, if ever, interact with one another except one at a time. Everyone in the circle stares at him. The ovary continues to shriek. Joey says snidely that she can't wait for the Oscar speech: "I mean, there's not gonna be a dry eye in the house." Or an empty barf bag either. The gang clinks mugs, and I offer a silent prayer of thanks that I don't have to deal with said gang next week.

On the next Dawson's Creek, Pacey and Joey's friendship intensifies, as telegraphed by the two of them dancing awkwardly and giving each other meaningful looks, but then Dawson and Joey walk in on Pacey and Jen smooching, and, like the man says, leeeeeet's geeeeet reeeeeeeeady toooooooo RRRRRRRRRUMBLE!

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