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High Risk Behavior

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High Risk Behavior

Then we cut to Jen in bed in a very un-Jen-like plaid nightgown, holding a teddy bear (!!!), waking up to the sound of Dawson at her window. I guess he brought his own ladder. She asks what he's doing there. He swoops over her and says, "I've been thinking about what you said about motive and intent -- love versus hurt versus lust versus distraction." "And?" she asks. He leans in and kisses her. As he pulls back, she closes her eyes and breathes for a second. "Don't ask my motive," he says. "I know better," she replies. They kiss again. This is supposed to be romantic? Not.

Back at the B&B, Pacey and Andie are making out on the bed, and Pacey stops, saying that he doesn't want to have sex, or rather that he does, but "for once, Pacey Witter's raging hormones aren't going to do all the talking. For once, I'm going to do the right thing. We're not ready for this, Andie." "But I might be ready!" she protests. Pacey says, "Listen. At the risk of sounding like a really cheesy after-school special, when you're really ready, you'll know. And then we'll do this. I mean, then we'll do this 'til the cows come home." Oh, you had to go and mention the cows, didn't you. He continues: "But this thing is way too important for me to just fall back on the old 'do now, think later' Pacey Witter approach. You wanna know what the really risky thing for me to do is? It's to not [sic] have sex. I mean, maybe that way I'll have some semblance of a real relationship. So, you take all the time you need, 'cause I'll be here." Andie tells him this declaration has just made her want to do it even more. I would just like to say that there has never been a high school guy ever who would have done what Pacey just did. But good for him, anyway.

Then we get a montage of the other two couples going at it, and then Pacey and Andie walking chastely down an alley toward Pacey's car, as we see that this episode is "To Be Continued." When, pray tell, is it not?

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