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High Risk Behavior

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High Risk Behavior

...Bessie's Bastard Barn, where Joey is fidgeting with her pencil box. "I'm coming out," calls Jack from off-stage. "hee hee!" I say. Jack comes out with a white towel around his waist, not at all looking like it's "no big deal." Joey turns her back and continues to fidget with her art supplies, also looking very uncomfortable. Jack says, "Uh, Jack McPhee reporting for duty. Where do you want me?" Joey continues not to look at him and stammers, "Um, you could sit on the couch, or the chair, or you could stand, or I could move." Jack says he'll take the couch, and then, noticing that she still hasn't looked at him, says, "You know, Joey, um, if, if you're uncomfortable at all, um, I can, you know, keep the towel on for awhile, just until we get loosened up, and you know, you can, kind of sketch around...it." Joey says she's okay. Jack says okay and starts to take the towel off, at which point Joey stops him and says maybe it's best if he does keep the towel on. Jack reclines on the couch and says, "Whoa, deja-vu. This is just like that scene in Titanic." Joey chuckles a very little and says, "Oh, right. Except I'm Jack and you're Rose." Oh no, first Pacey's playing the girl, and now Joey's playing the boy! All this gender-bending! Jack says, "Role reversal. I like it." Oh no, he likes it! Whatever.

Joey smiles slightly testily and sketches. Jack offers again to let her quit whenever she wants, and she impatiently tells him that this might work better if they just didn't talk since the model in class never did. She adds, "And, you know, since we are just starting to get to know each other, I'll admit it has made me slightly uncomfortable." Jack replies, rather ominously (judging by the look of horror on Joey's face immediately afterward), "Just imagine how comfortable we're gonna be around each other after tonight." Joey decides, at that, that she can't do this after all: "I've tried to be adult about this, and not be like 'little Joey Potter,' but the truth is, you know, I'm really not experienced with, um...a lot of things, and I really don't think I can handle seeing you naked right now, so, you can probably just get dressed and go home, that would be --" "What about your sketch?" Jack asks, not at all moving. "I'll figure out some way to fudge it," Joey answers. Jack asks if she's sure. Joey answers that she is, and turns too fast, knocking down the easel. Jack jumps up off the couch to help her pick it up and in the process his towel falls off, giving Joey a glimpse of the goods, which cause her to gasp and look away, and him to grab the easel and cover himself with it. The two of them stand flustered for a moment, not knowing where to look, until Jack finally says, "Well, I might as well stay now." Joey says nothing, and we cut to a commercial.

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