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High Risk Behavior

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High Risk Behavior

We get a commercial for Varsity Blues, featuring Van Der Beek's brutal southern accent. Yikes. Then there's an anti-sniffing PSA in which a girl's room fills with water and she drowns. Then there's an ad for 1-800-COLLECT, featuring Damon Wayans. I'm not a fan or anything, but that's still sad. Then there's an ad for the WB "news" in which we're told there will be a story on James Van Der Beek's role in Varsity Blues. Nope, no conflict of interest there. And, uh, excuse me -- that's news? (Hey, bstewart!)

Back in the trailer, Jack is posing undraped (AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!) and asks how it's going, and how Joey's doing. She says she's okay, and that her doing this feels like an accomplishment: "This is something that most people would just assume that Joey could not do." Is it necessary to refer to yourself in the third person again, really? No. Jack asks why that should be. Joey says, "I mean, you see how I live; I don't get out much. I guess my life just seems kind of plain sometimes." Jack asks if that bothers her. She says, "yeah, sometimes," but that she likes art because it feels risky: "You know, every time I draw or paint or take a class, I just, I feel like I'm doing something special, you know? Just for me. Does that make sense?" Jack says, "It feels dangerous." Joey says, "Yeah. Why is that?" Jack, sadly, takes this as a cue to launch into Critic mode: "Art is about a world of uncertainty. And that makes it scary." Joey asks, "What scares you?" Jack answers, "Sex." The two of them exchange a lascivious look I could have really done without.

At Grams' house, Jen comes out on the porch with a mug and sees Dawson pacing the docks. She walks out to him. Then we're at a fancy-looking restaurant, where Andie is laughing and enjoying herself, and Pacey is looking around distractedly.

Then we're back at the trailer. Joey asks, "Why sex? I mean, fear of it? First-time anxiety?" Jack says, "Oh no, no, I'm not a virgin." Deflated, Joey answers, "Oh. Have you done it a lot?" Jack says, "I've done it a total of, um...once." Joey chuckles with some relief. Sars adds that she was grossed out by the way Jack "made a big show of pretending to count 'all of the times'"; I personally found that more dorky than gross, but whatever.

Back at the dock, Dawson is telling Jen, "All I know is I'm really lucky to have you for a friend. Never could've gotten through those horrifically epic auditions today ["Epic. fig.A story, or series of events, worthy to form the subject of an epic {poem}." -- OED Not quite correct usage, Dawson; it's not an adjective, plus I think you meant to add "without you" at the end]." Jen says, "It's my job." Dawson says, "Naw, that's above and beyond the call of duty." Uh, isn't she the producer? How is her sitting through auditions "above and beyond the call of duty"? Dawson continues: "I mean, God, I swear you've heard those lines read so many times you have the whole thing committed to memory." Uh, you had them committed to memory before, remember we already saw you reciting them to Pacey? Jen laughs and says, "Well, the good thing is, if you get really desperate, I could always play your leading lady." Dawson ruefully replies, "Maybe you should have." "'Should have' what?" Jen asks, not-so-innocently. "Been my leading lady," says Dawson. "You think?" says Jen. "Sometimes," squeaks Dawson. "Too much of the time," he adds. "Since when?" I ask.

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