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Highway To Hell

Previously: Jen worried that people in a successful relationship have to be passionate about the same things and she and Dawson aren't because she likes music and he likes movies and that's just about the same as a vegetarian dating the owner of a slaughterhouse. Then she sucked her thumb. Audrey and Pacey had of the sex. Joey sang with Charlie's band, and the world fell madly in love with her. Again.

Worthington School For Rich Chicks And Girls Who Let Their Ex-Boyfriends/Next-Door Neighbors Pay For Their College Education Because The Student Loan Office Makes Them Break Into Hives. Joey's walking toward her room. Enter Charlie. "Joey Potter! Just the girl I'm looking for," he says. "You really have that first-name last-name thing down, don't you? Does it help you keep the ladies straight?" Joey asks. Yes, because no one -- no one, do you hear me? -- has ever, ever called her "Joey Potter," ever. Or maybe that line was a subtle acknowledgement that most people don't go around calling each other by their full names all the time and the writers know that but they just. Can't. Stop. "I need you," Charlie announces. Man, if I had a dollar for every time a good-looking man who slept with my high school friend (the one who's now sleeping with the boy I used to be in love with before I started sleeping with his best friend) came up to me and said that, I would be using Benjamins to line my cat's litter box. If I had a cat. Joey rolls her eyes and hopes this isn't when Charlie "bursts into 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling.'" Does anyone not named Maverick or Goose burst into "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" anymore? ["And wasn't Joey, like, four when that movie came out in the first place?" -- Sars] Charlie chuckles that it's funny she should mention bursting into song, because his band just lost their lead singer and they've got this big paid gig "upstate" and they need her to front them. Joey's amazed that he would trust her to undertake such a powerful and meaningful task. And she'll think about it. Charlie crumples the set list into her hand and thanks her and races off. Joey shoots the set list a half-smile. Ew.


So, Pacey and Audrey are making out on Audrey's bed and I really, really like her argyle sweater. Eventually Audrey pulls away and announces that while "this is really hot and all," the possibility that Joey could walk in on them at any moment isn't really doing it for her anymore. Pacey didn't think she "had fantasies of any sort." Audrey rolls her eyes and groans that he knows what she means. "Actually, I don't," Pacey says. "I don't have a lot of blood circulating through my brain right now." Oh, ew. Blah blah blah, Audrey would like Pacey to get an apartment so they can have sex undisturbed. Because she's "feeling all kinds of inhibited right now." This fact convinces Pacey that an apartment is a better idea than what he's currently doing, which seems to be…sleeping in a cardboard box in the gutter? I don't know. They smooch, and bells begin to chime. It's not like a Hearing Bells Ring And Birds Sing Because They're So In Love type of thing, it's the Worthington clock tower (well, I assume the bells are in a clock tower. Go with me).

Pacey gets up. He has to go. "Well, whatever. Call me from wherever you're squatting," Audrey coos. Joey walks into the room. "Potter," Pacey grunts. "Witter," she retorts. He leaves. Audrey turns to her roommate with a squeal. "Guess who called? Wait, you suck at this game. Charlie called!" Joey's all, yikes. "So, are we going?" Audrey asks. Joey rolls her eyes, and Audrey almost leaps off the bed yelping that she can't believe Joey's even considering not doing the gig, pointing out that, last time, they "practically had to drag [her] off the stage, [she's] such a media whore." Joey rolls her eyes yet again as Audrey assures her that she and Charlie have this whole Joey Fronts The Band thing totally under control. Joey squeals that she certainly doesn't want to ride all the way upstate (and I didn't even know that Massachusetts had an upstate) in some van "with a bunch of questionable guitarists." Audrey reminds Joey that she happens to know a guy with wheels. "Just concentrate on your heroin chic," she says. Yeah, too bad Joey killed the Bantering Bandit with The Power Of Her Song, because he totally could have hooked her up with some of that heroin! Joey wonders what's up "with this Charlie petition. He's smarmy." Audrey shrugs and points out that she, Audrey, "pretty much brought the house down" the night the two of them sang with Charlie's band, and yet he has asked Joey to sing with them this weekend. Now, Audrey says, Charlie is either intimidated by Audrey, "which is likely," or he's warm for Joey's form. "I back the latter," Audrey announces. Joey smiles grimly and reminds her roommate that she's doing this "for the fun experience of it," not for Charlie and his hard abs. "Duly noted. Now, let's go pick out a fun outfit. From my closet, not yours," Audrey says, grabbing Joey's arm and dragging her off.

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