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His Leading Lady

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His Leading Lady

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Fade up on the Sanctum Dawsonorum. Joey "O'Keeffe" Potter and Dawson "Chocolicious" Leery sit on the bed as the end theme of a movie plays; Dawson clicks off the sound and asks, "So. What do you think?" Joey says, "That was a director's cut, right? I mean, it seemed a lot bloodier," and Dawson says, "No, I meant with you and me. We did it." Joey sips her diet Coke and says, "Did what?" Dawson answers, "First official Movie Night post-breakup. I'd say it went rather well." Joey congratulates him and says she should probably go, and Dawson makes where-are-you-going-it's-still-early noises and tells her he has some pictures to show her, and as he shuffles through a stack of photos, Joey furrows her brow and says, "You're really okay with all this." Dawson: "What, you and me?" Joey: "Yeah." Dawson: "Yeah. I'm, I'm just so happy that we're finally past all that relationship trauma." Joey looks faintly disappointed but says, "Good. Me too." Dawson says heartily, "Great! So, the big dilemma, now that you're officially helping me with the movie, is who do we cast as Sammy," and as he sorts through a thick stack of résumés (whatever) with headshots attached (whatever), he goes on, "Joey, you're a, huh, you're a distinct, unattainable original." Joey sits on the bed and suggests that Dawson not base the role of Sammy quite so closely on her: "Why don't you look for an actress who can bring their [sic] own unique interpretation to the role?" Then, discomfited by the fact that Dawson hasn't mooned over her or made a jealous comment about Jack yet, she says, "I'm kind of, I'm amazed at how together you are about us." Um, Joey? If you don't want to get over yourself, fine, but at least let Dawson get over you. Dawson tells her that he's learned to let go because she let him go, and as Joey's fake smile fades, he confesses that he found it hard at first, but since she's moved on and gotten together with Jack, he "in turn let go of" Joey. Joey clearly doesn't like the sound of that, but she twists up her lips and nods before saying, "Yeah, well, since we're letting go of each other, I should -- I really should go, yeah, 'cause I'm really tired, and you obviously have a lot to do, so," giving Dawson every opportunity to stop her, but he just says brightly, "See you tomorrow, Joey," and she puts on her coat and wishes him good night, but he still doesn't stop her, and she waits for another moment for him to keep her from leaving, but Dawson keeps looking at headshots (whatever), and Joey leaves reluctantly.

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