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His Leading Lady

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His Leading Lady

Over at McPhee Manor, a dishevelled Andie runs down the stairs in her bathrobe to answer the door. (Bad TV Corollary #88 -- if a character suffers from depression, he or she must wear a bathrobe and sport uncombed hair; otherwise, viewers might not get it.) She opens the door, sees Pacey standing there with a single red rose (awww), says, "Go away, Pacey," and slams the door in his face. Pacey rattles the door knocker; Andie yells, "I'm ignoring you," and runs back upstairs. As Bruce Springsteen emotes in the background, Pacey climbs the trellis under Andie's window while Andie returns to her homework. Andie sees Pacey climbing the trellis, the rose clenched in his teeth, and yelps, "Are you nuts? What are you doing?" Of course, he slips; of course, Andie says, "Oh my god, be careful!" He hands her the rose. She asks if this is his way of staying away from her. Pacey jokes that actually, he's decided not to do that, because she needs him, and nobody else would put up with her. Andie says something to the effect of "one shove and it's a long way down," but Pacey tells her he'd just have to climb right back up. Andie says he's "acting like a psycho" and she doesn't need any more crazy people in her life right now, and she prepares to slam down the window (open. In late autumn. In Cape Cod. Whatever), and Pacey stops her and says he won't let her push him away, and talks about his charter membership in the Andie McPhee Fan Club. Andie shakes her head: "I just -- I wanna feel better, Pacey." Pacey, climbing into the room: "I know, Andie. I know, and I can help. I know I can, and I'm not gonna turn away from you, not after all you've done for me, Andie, and certainly not when you need me the most." Andie tries to avoid his caresses as Pacey continues, "We can do this together, and I know that I can help you." Andie sits down, and on the verge of tears she asks how Pacey knows he can help her. Pacey kneels down in front of her: "Because, Andie, I love you." Sniffle. Andie has to smile at that. She says, "I love you too," and they kiss. Okay, I've never really liked the whole human-cloning idea, but we obviously have to clone some Paceys and that's all there is to it.

Over on the "set," Dawson shuffles papers. Chris invites Dawson to join him and Devon for a bite to eat, but Dawson says no thanks, he has some work to do. Chris walks away, but Devon pauses to tell Dawson that he impressed her today, and then she quizzes him about the ending and refers to her Psych professor again, but Dawson cuts her off with some weird past-future comment that doesn't even bear repeating, and then Devon tells him that he shows "real potential as a director" and invites him along to dinner again, and again he says no thanks. She and Chris leave. I didn't have to tell Chris to shut up once during this episode! Joey appears; Dawson thought she had probably taken off, and Joey breathes, "Yeah," and rubs her head. Joey apologizes for ripping Dawson a new one (note to Joey: never apologize for doing us all a favor), and explains that she's had a hard time watching her life "reenacted in front of half of Capeside." Dawson in turn apologizes if he offended her or hurt her, but he thought that by making the movie he could put the past behind him in "one fell swoop." "Fell swoop"? As it turns out, he says, it hasn't worked that way. Joey -- natch -- runs her hands through her hair and sits down on a bench as Dawson tells her that he has "spent the last few months of [his] existence trying to figure out how to be without [her]." He says he's tried pretending that it doesn't hurt and he doesn't care, because if he acted that way, maybe it would come true, but in fact he only wants to crawl into his room and shut the blinds and pour his heart out to his best friend. Joey looks away uncomfortably as he sits down, then tells him he doesn't realize that she's had just as hard a time. "It's been tearing me apart too," she says, "but I know we'll always be connected. You know that our lives are destined to be intertwined, but," and Dawson finishes for her, "We have to move on." Joey whispers, "Yeah." Dawson says, "A little bit today, a little more tomorrow." As they exchange a rueful look, Jack comes up and asks Joey if she's ready to go. Dawson finally gets a clue about how to behave and thanks Jack for helping out, and Jack says no problem and asks if Dawson wants any more help cleaning up, but Dawson shoos them away, and after watching them go, he prowls around the set as the lights go out.

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