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His Leading Lady

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His Leading Lady

At Capeside High School, Devon and Chris re-enact a scene from earlier this season in which Dawson/Wade stomped away from Joey/Sammy; a little black frame around the edge of the picture indicates that actual filming has now begun. Does Dawson have permission to film on school grounds? And where did he get all those extras? As Devon does a bad imitation of Joey and Chris does a fairly creditable imitation of Dawson, the camera dollies along after them, only to tip over when either Tyson or Jack manages to get in the way. Dawson, neck festooned with a light meter, tells the actors to "take five," and Jen remarks that they should probably get at least one shot committed to film before they start taking breaks. James Van Der Beek runs his hands through his hair to indicate stress instead of actually, I don't know, acting or something. Tyson apologizes for the screw-up, but tells Jen, "With you standing nearby, I lose all ability to concentrate on the job at hand." Jen smiles flirtatiously and says, "Down, boy." Tyson doesn't quite know what to make of that, but I do -- go Jen.

Joey fixes herself a cup of coffee as Jack talks with his mouth full: "Joey -- this whole thing really bothers you, doesn't it? I mean, [your] life laid out for the world to see?" Joey, a little too quickly: "Please, it's a movie, why should it bother me?" Jack: "'Cause it's about you. I mean, if I was [sic] trying to get over somebody and get on with my life, I think the last thing that I would do is to make a movie about it -- somebody needs to tell Oliver Stone over there that this whole war is over." I find Oliver Stone pretentious, bombastic, and self-indulgent, which sounds a lot like a wunderkind we all know, so -- word. Joey promises Jack that Dawson has "clearly" gotten over her; Jack says he has proof to the contrary. Joey tells Jack not to think so much, and not to worry, "everything's going to be fine," and then she shrugs about ten times. Jack sort of smiles and says, "You're right. Just as long as you're over him, nothing else matters -- Dawson can do whatever he wants." For some reason, he does not add, "Because I'M GAY!" Joey puts her arms around him and they smooch, and Joey stares over Jack's shoulder into the distance.

The assistant cameraman clicks that little black-and-white-striped board thingie with "Creek Times" written on it to kick off a montage of film-shoot hijinks: dolly shots; Jack deafening himself with feedback on the sound system; Andie and Chris fussing at each other as Jen looks on; Joey sketching and catching Devon as she studies Joey from a limp-haired distance and makes notes; Dawson looking gravely directorial; Joey sneaking up on Jack and covering his eyes with her hands, then kissing him as Devon watches and someone tries in vain to fix Devon's hair; the board thingie clicking a bunch of times; Dawson yelling "Cut!" on a scene of Devon sketching, and Devon bounding up from her mark to tousle Dawson's hair and give him a hug while Joey broods. Yes, I do believe that we get it.

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