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His Leading Lady

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His Leading Lady

In the prop room, head prop girl Andie bitches Devon out for losing a barrette, calls her irresponsible, and goes off on a tirade about how they'll never find it blah blah blah fishcakes. Devon, not in the mood to take guff from the little people, tells her that she "need[s] to prepare," and to "get a grip, prop girl." Shut up, Devon. A concerned Pacey has to drag Andie away from the confrontation, and he tells her he's "starting to get a little worried" about her, but she says, "Well, don't be, I'm fine." Pacey says, "No, you're really not fine." Andie thanks him sarcastically for his support, and Pacey asks her what to do, because, he says, "I'm starting to feel like I'm getting a little screwed either way." Andie says angrily, "My father is MIA, my mother is barely lucid, I'm holding on by my fingertips, and yet somehow you're the one that's screwed? Oh yeah, that's right, it's always gotta be about Pacey." Pacey tells her not to make him the bad guy: "I'll be your shoulder to cry on, I'll even be your punching bag, but I'm not the bad guy." Andie, pointing her finger at him: "Pacey, I keep adding things to my life, instead of subtracting -- between school, my mother, Jack, you, something's gotta give, and the way I see it, there's only one expendable on that list." I would pick Jack as the expendable one, since he never does anything for Andie, but she obviously means Pacey, who tries to calm Andie down: "Andie, you're not in the right place to make that decision right now, okay?" Andie glares down at his hand on hers, and he removes it as he whispers, "I, I just, you're not thinking straight right now." Andie says oh yes she is, and that for the first time she sees everything clearly -- Pacey has got to go. Pacey tells her she doesn't mean that, but Andie yells, "Yes I do, and if you really care about me, if you really want to help me, then you would just back off and leave me alone." She storms off. Pacey sighs a few times.

Outside, Joey sulkily watches the filming of the scene where Joey/Sammy tries to explain to Dawson/Wade why she kissed Jack/Character Based On Jack Whose Name I Don't Know. Jen also watches; Jack, in a brilliant bit of subtext, holds the boom mike, and Dawson peers through the viewfinder. The writers have again lifted the dialogue verbatim from a previous episode. Dawson says, "And cut. That was incredible," and jumps down from behind the camera to compliment the actors, running his hands through his hair to denote great satisfaction. Note to the director of this episode: time to change James Van Der Beek's blocking. Jen herds the crew to the next shot as Joey barrels over and drags Dawson inside to talk to him. After slamming the classroom door behind her, Joey asks, "Dawson, why do you insist on reliving in excruciating detail one of the most painful experiences of our lives? Is this your perversely self-defeating way of moving on, or are you just trying to punish me?" Um, Joey, if you had an objection to Dawson's script, maybe you could have raised it before he did umpteen rewrites and started shooting the damn thing. Dawson stares at her, nonplussed, and says, "Neither," but Joey won't let it drop, whining, "How can you be so okay with this, Dawson, I mean, didn't we mean anything to each other? Isn't anything sacred with you? I mean, I, I know that you've, you've gotten over us and everything that we went through, but has it ever occurred to you that maybe I haven't? I mean, it takes time! I'm happy you are, and I'm glad that you found it so easy to just move on, but you know, this movie is just self-indulgent and unfair, I mean," and Dawson interrupts to remind her that, actually, she dumped him: "You have a new boyfriend, you found your art passion, you have a whole new life -- what do I have?" Joey snarls back with her eyes slitted, "A self-obsessed movie," and Dawson shouts, "Well, forgive me for not letting go of the one thing that I've got left!" He heads for the door and Joey splutters, "Well, that's not healthy, Dawson," and an enraged Dawson rounds on her: "You know what, I'm not gonna sit here and listen to you bitch to me about what I've done, okay -- Joey, you left me. You dumped me. I haven't moved on! I haven't let go, okay, and that's why, that's why I'm clinging for dear life to the one thing that's keeping me going." Dawson stalks from the room, nostrils flared, and slams the door. Joey slumps her shoulders and runs her hands through her hair to denote frustration. Pardon me while I have the words "get over yourself" tattooed backwards on Joey's forehead so she can see them every time she looks in the mirror.

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