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His Leading Lady

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His Leading Lady

Bring me the head of the OmniPoint parrot.

Jen gives someone a call time (whatever) while Grams straightens up some papers and a couple of cans of Pringles yell "product placement!" Jen wanders over and offers to help, and Grams thanks her. Then Grams says, "You know, I watched you today, and you know what I saw?" Jen says wryly, "Why do I feel a lecture coming on here?" but Grams ignores the sarcasm and says, "I saw all these young people working together as a team for a common call, and I, I was so impressed. Then I realized who was in charge of everyone, and I was so proud." Jen looks down and smiles to herself as Grams continues, "I found myself watching a beautiful, accomplished young woman, who just happened to be my granddaughter." Aw. Welcome back, Grams. We missed you.

Jen says she hopes she had everyone else fooled, and that "I was definitely flying by the seat of my pants," but Grams shakes her head and says, "A woman movie producer," and says that in her day, women didn't have career options like they do now, "but now -- what a wonderful time to be a woman! You can do or be anything you want." Jen smiles. Tyson walks in, and Grams glances at him and adds, "And without a man by your side." Jen says, "Couldn't resist that one, huh?" Oh, Jen, lighten up. Tyson tells Jen they just wrapped the last shot and he's ready whenever she is, and Jen looks at Grams and asks Tyson to give her a second. Tyson walks off, and Jen says to Grams, "Okay, go ahead. I know that you're dying to get it off your chest." Grams rolls her eyes and says, "Have a nice time, dear. You deserve it," and pinches Jen's cheek. Jen thanks her and makes for the door as Grams calls out, "Just don't stay out -- too late," and Jen says, "I know," and Grams smiles as she leaves. Can we rename the show "Grams's Creek"? Please?

In the darkened hallway, Pacey crouches beside a bank of lockers. Dawson, on his way down the hall, notices him there and says, "Pacey? You look terrible." With friends like Dawson, who needs food poisoning? Anyway, Pacey says that he should look terrible because he "screwed up with Andie -- pushed too hard." Pacey studies his hands and goes on, "She told me that I'm the element in her life that she can do without." Dawson asks, "Did she mean it?" Pacey says yes, she meant it. Dawson does not say, "Wow, that sucks." Dawson does not say, "I'm really sorry to hear that." Dawson does not ask Pacey what he plans to do, or offer to listen if Pacey wants to talk, or suggest that they go out and get trashed -- no, no, no, all of these things would suggest that Dawson had some grasp, no matter how feeble, of empathy and of friendship. No, Dawson chooses instead to pose as a fount of wisdom about male-female relationships, despite the fact that neither of his relationships to date lasted more than two weeks and despite the fact that the girls both told him, "It's not you, it's me," and then proceeded to give the lie to that by going out with other boys, and in his most world-weary voice Dawson tells Pacey, "Let her go." Pacey, in disbelief: "What?" Dawson, mildly surprised that Pacey has not accepted The Word Of Dawson as his guide: "I think you should let her go. I mean, really do it, don't, don't just pay lip service, I mean -- let her go." Pacey, snidely: "Like what you're doing with Joey?" Dawson, not getting it but taking the opportunity to turn the conversation towards himself: "What I'm trying to do with Joey, I mean I've been fooling myself, Pacey, but I think -- I'm gonna do it. It's the only way you can really get somebody to come back to you." Well, that, or not act like the world revolves around you -- ever considered that plan, Dawson? Pacey gets to his feet and sighs, "You know, as textbook healthy as the letting-go theory sounds, Dawson -- and, you know, it may work out for you -- it doesn't apply to me. This isn't a case of teen romance gone sour -- I know what I want, I want Andie, and she's really hurting right now, and whether she knows it or not, she needs me. I have absolutely no intention of letting her go." Dawson looks skeptical; Pacey stares at him impatiently and then walks off, and Dawson makes his "but I make movies, so I know fuck-all" face and sighs. Thank you, Pacey, for putting Dawson in his place. Now, if only he would stay there.

Jen and Tyson, walking down the street. Jen hopes they can get something to eat; Tyson says the "get-together" he's taking her to should have stuff to snack on. Jen expresses excitement about a "good party." They go inside and Tyson introduces Jen to everyone. The host suggests that they get started. Tyson has brought Jen to a Bible study group. Tyson smiles blandly at Jen as Jen blanches and the host reads from the first book of Kings. I don't know what to say about this, except perhaps BA HA HAAAA! Oh, and also, go Grams.

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