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Back to the sidelines. Jen says that she thought Jack hadn't decided yet whether he wants to go home, and Jack says his father should have asked him anyway. Another misdirected football slams into the chain-link fence next to them, followed by yet another that sails into Jack's arms. Jack tosses it back and grumbles that his father doesn't want him, and Jen says gently, "Trust me -- been there." Jack says that at least she has Grams, and Jen points out, "So do you. And me."

Henry begging, The Flash saying no, Henry begging harder, The Flash saying Henry should play on the JV team, Henry pointing out they don't have one, The Flash saying that Henry will only start if the other QB gets injured, Henry saying the other QB "sucks," The Flash ordering Henry to do "four laps! NOW!" George C. Scott calling from beyond the grave and wanting The Flash to hand over his General Patton imitation.

Jack catches the fourth errant football of the last five minutes. The Flash pretends to notice Jack's innate football ability while checking him out.

Oh, man, here we go -- drugstore. Dawson. Lots of other items on the counter to disguise purchase of condoms. Failure of lots-of-other-items ruse. Deaf clerk; eventual shouting of word "condoms." Discomfiture. Giggling customers. Cut to "AISLE SIX!" Middle-aged guy; advice. Tootling muzak. Incorrect information on prophylactic varieties. Second, slightly younger guy. Revelation that glow-in-the-dark rubbers don't work. Middle-aged woman; suggestion of "Brown Betty." Grabbing of Brown Betty by everyone except Dawson. Dawson: "This is not happening." Penetration of Sars's cornea by carpet staple. ["Am I the only one put off by a condom brand name with the word 'Brown' in it? Just checking." -- Wing Chun]

Over at the LETPF, Pacey too-casually observes that Marc "seems like a pretty nice guy" as he and Andie and Joey lug boxes to the car. He asks what Marc is "in" for. Andie says all sulkily, "That's private, Pacey." Pacey tells her, "Come on, it's just us," and Andie squirms and says, "Let's not talk about Marc, please?" Pacey, still in too-casual mode, says it strikes him as odd that Andie never mentioned Marc, whom she seemed to get pretty close to, in any of her letters or e-mails, but Joey cuts to the chase by saying, "Pacey, drop the male-jealousy thing." Pacey says tersely, "It's a long walk home, Potter." Hee! Joey smoothes her hair. Andie teases Pacey for getting jealous, and Pacey says he spent months "counting the moments" until he could see her, so of course he gets jealous that another guy got to hear her stories and eat dinner with her. Andie smiles and says, "Well, we're together now, aren't we?" and they start smooching. Joey announces, "Finally, the reunion kiss we've all been waiting for. So, let's go."

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