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Hallway. Pacey demanding to know what Andie's deal is, and telling her not to say "nothing, because you've been acting strange from the second I picked you up from that clinic, and now I have to beg you to spend some free time with me." Andie walking ahead silently; Andie's ponytails suffering from major continuity problems. Pacey finishing, "So what is happening?" Andie, on the point of tears: "We shouldn't talk about this here, Pacey." Pacey, grimly: "So I'm right." Andie, gesticulating: "Look, this is not the time, okay?" Pacey asking, "Is it me?" and wondering if she wants to break up with him, and Andie saying no, that's the last thing she wants, and Pacey pressing her. Andie getting defensive: "A lot happened to me this summer, Pacey, a lot." Pacey: "What are you trying to say?" Andie making Pacey promise that, if they have to do this now, he won't say one word until she finishes. Pacey agreeing and rubbing her arms, and Andie pulling away and saying that, by the time she went to LETPF, a.k.a. "Mayfield," she had become someone else: "I wasn't the girl you fell in love with." Andie continuing, with much twisting of her hands, that she met Marc her first week, and Marc had gone through everything she had and more, and then explaining, "I didn't write to you about him, because I didn't want you to get jealous -- we were just friends." Andie beginning to cry in earnest. Pacey narrowing his eyes, his face hardening in pain as it becomes clear how this story is going to end. Andie: "We'd spend our free time together, just talking endlessly, mostly about our fears. I was so afraid, Pacey, afraid of everything. I was scared that they were never gonna let me out of there, or that whatever was broken inside of me wouldn't be fixable." Pacey regarding her sternly, but tenderly too, and Andie going on, "Marc -- he understood these things like nobody else could because they were his fears too. He had a girlfriend that he was anxious to get back to." Andie giving Pacey a pleading look. Pacey: "You slept with him?" Andie answering, "We knew immediately afterwards that it was wrong, for both of us." Pacey staring at her in disbelief and whispering, "You slept with him, Andie." Andie weeping and saying she and Marc decided to go back to being friends and never to tell their significant others, and blubbering that it's the worst mistake she's ever made and she can't stop thinking about what will happen if Pacey can't forgive her. Andie pleading, "Pacey, you have to forgive me, please, you have to forgive me." Pacey shaking his head and looking at her like he's never seen her before, then storming out of the building.

The gym. Dawson and Eve make out behind the screen. Eve unbuttons Dawson's shirt as Dawson suggests relocating to a janitor's closet instead. More making out. Long story short, Dawson's butt (not naked, praise the Lord) sets off the screen controls, and the scrim lifts to reveal Dawson, half shirtless, and Eve, wearing only a bra, to the entire school. Everyone begins to hoot and cheer, the football team rises to give them a standing ovation, and as Jen and Jack start laughing hysterically, the band launches into the Rocky theme (heh). The Flash and Mr. Green stare at Dawson and then sort of laugh as Dawson makes a nice recovery and takes a bow with Eve. Then he sees Joey staring at him from the audience; as he catches her eye, she looks down, then back up at him coldly. His huge face falls. Cut to commercial.

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