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Will gathers his stuff and takes off, turning in the doorway to look happily back at Jack. Okay, okay. We get it. Tobey remarks that it's the first time he's seen Will psyched to come back. Jack says Will just had to get "interested in something." "It must feel good." "It feels great, actually -- I'm all wired from it," Jack says, and they both laugh. Then Tobey casually invites Jack to coffee with him and a couple of friends. Jack hesitates. Tobey promises not to keep him out too late. Oh, go on, Jack. Tobey has bad hair right now, but he's still so cute. Let him keep you out late. Jack agrees: "Just for a little bit, though." Tobey smiles. Sigh. I wish I didn't know how this turned out.

The club. The show lets out, and the girls suggest going to Dex's for fries and black-and-tans. Mmmm, that sounds pretty good. Dawson pipes up quietly that he probably can't get into Dex's. Jessica says that they never used to card, but Dawson silently holds up his scarlet-stamped hand. Keira and Jessica openly point and laugh at him as Gretchen bites her lip. Damn, that's harsh…and yet, strangely satisfying. After an awkward silence, Dawson tells them to go on ahead without him and have a good time, and he'll take a cab back. "No! Don't be ridiculous," Gretchen slurs, and we're supposed to think that she's going to come with him, but instead she reminds him that "we've been drinking," so he should take the car and they'll get the cab. Gretchen gives him the keys and leers, "God, I have the best boyfriend," gives him a smooch, and tells him she'll call him tomorrow. Keira and Jessica giggle pityingly that "it was great to meet" him, and the cat pack leaves D Minor in the dust.

Oy, the Charmed promo. Could everyone in Hollywood please agree not to use that Matrix mid-air running kick move anymore? It's so, so tired at this point.

The pier. The double-daters say goodnight. In contrast to their first scene, Drue is nice to Anna about her driving. Then there's a weird exchange involving a stuffed bear that Pacey won with Anna's quarter or something, which she tries to give back to him to give to Joey, and did part of this subplot end up on the cutting-room floor or what? Any road, Pacey and Joey take off. Then Drue and Anna have a nice little moment where he tells her that, if she wants to out again sometime, she won't have to get his mother to "coerce" him. After a little more back-and-forth, they kiss. Contrivance wants to know if my speakers get any more bass.

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