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Witterschloss. Here we go again. Joey recaps the end of Drue and Anna's date for Pacey. Pacey doesn't get why Anna would take Drue back after all that, since she seemed like "a perfectly reasonable girl." Joey rolls her eyes and snips, "Yeah, sleeping with somebody you just met is -- totally reasonable." Don't knock it till you've tried it, Virgin Prochnow. Pacey drops his head and says that maybe it's "a little rash," but if it's two people doing what they want to do and it's "natural," he wouldn't call that "crazy." Joey withdraws from his embrace slightly and baits him with, "Unlike what we're doing?" He doesn't know what she's talking about. The thing they never talk about, Joey says: "We have a problem." Pacey agrees, saying that it used to be a small problem, but they ignored it, so it got bigger and blah. I really don't see the big deal here, either -- do they only kiss and grind against each other fully-clothed? I mean, seriously, intercourse doesn't seem like that huge a concern if you've progressed past second base, but apparently they haven't even gotten that far. Anyway, Pacey winds up by saying that now the problem has gotten so big that "it's starting to obscure [his] view of" Joey. Joey seizes on this and asks angrily if he's saying that either they sleep together, or they break up and it's her fault. Pacey says no, of course not, but they do have to talk about it. Joey says, on the point of tears, that it isn't her fault; they talked about it, and "you were fine with waiting." Pacey was fine with it, he's been fine with it, and he didn't want to sleep with her "too soon" because he didn't want to "jeopardize" the relationship, but "this is eight months and counting" (word), and he needs her to know that it's not his "fault" either.

Joey approaches him and says, "Pacey…I want you…I really do." Well, he needs to know that. She gazes into his eyes: "Know it." She doesn't know why, but she keeps "holding back." She's sorry, but she's scared. Well, good, because he's scared too. "So then can we just be scared together?" Sure, go ahead. I'll just climb into this here life-support pod while a malfunctioning computer sings "Bicycle Built For Two" because how many times can they have the same conver-sa-tion before this show turns into a Warhol movie? It's sex, not a sex change, get on with your lives, PLEASE! They hug. I drift in space, thousands of light years from salvation.

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