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Tutoring. A kid with cool cornrows struggles with a word, then bitches, "I don't like this story!" Jack suggests reading another one: "You have to have something ready for class, right?" Cornrows slams the book shut: "There's nothing good in here!" Jack says that school stories did nothing for him either, and he thinks the two of them could make up a better story between them than the ones in the book. Cornrows, whose name is Will, mentions a story he thought up about aliens taking him to the moon. Jack says that Will can tell him the story, he'll write it down, and on Monday Will can tell it to his class -- but Will can only use words he can spell in the story. They start working on it. Will looks up a word. The Joy Of Learning settles on his face. Tobey looks on, an admiring brow arched, as Will successfully spells "spaceship." Will might want to spell "acting coach" while he's at it, because he's cute and has rockin' hair, but he's murdering his line readings.

Mini-golf. Drue gets his mack on with two girls, but Joey breaks it up by saying that "it's time we talk about the baby -- I think you need to take responsibility and marry me." Hee! Drue bitches at Joey for interrupting his swerve. Joey asks how he could sleep with Anna "and then treat her like that." Drue tries to deflect with snark, but Joey calls him on it, saying that he has a "whole witty Drue routine," but it's only a disguise -- he's afraid nobody will love him, so he deflects intimacy, blah blah blah. Joey, put the remote down and back away from the Oprah, okay? "How insightful," Drue cracks, but Joey isn't done, saying that it doesn't take a degree to see through him and that, if he keeps it up, his worst fear "is gonna come true -- [he's] gonna walk through life alone."

Drue shakes his head before admitting, seemingly more to get Joey off his back than out of any genuine desire to confess, "I'm not really good with girls. I'm actually incredibly bad with them." Joey, concerned: "How come?" Drue "spent [his] formative years" at all-boys' schools, so he only knows how to pick on women and sleep with them; he never learned how to do anything else. Come to think of it, Drue does kind of remind me of all-boys'-school graduates I've known and had the misfortune of loving. "You're doing something else right now," Joey tells him quietly, going on to say that he's "real" right now, and he should "work on that." Drue thinks about that, then reverts to form by pointing out that Pacey and Anna "look kinda cute together" and hassling Joey some more about her lack of sexual experience. Joey makes melted-wax face. Anna comes into mic range, raving that she can't believe Pacey spent the whole summer on a boat and that her dad is always looking for help on his boat, because she's like, sailing, no way. Pacey says she just hasn't done it with the right person yet, and he takes Joey's hand and smiles down at her. Joey kisses his hand back. Anna beams at them. Drue bobs his head up and down. Whaaaaatever.

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