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Previously on DC, Pacey confesses his porn stardom to Dawson, Jen and Dawson swap spit and deliver home truths, Jen asks Joey's advice, and Dawson has an Oedipal moment and blames it on Joey.

An ominously whistling wind blows in through the window of the Sanctum Dawsonorum, fluttering the curtains and knocking over the framed photo of Steven Spielberg that sits on Dawson "Little Lord Foreheadleroy" Leery's bedside table. I would make fun of said framed photo, but at age fifteen I had a Jack Wagner poster hanging over my bed, so I won't. "The Backbone Formerly Known As" Joey Potter picks it up, so apparently Dawson has deigned to let their friendship continue. Finished watching Twister, they debate what to watch next, Towering Inferno or The Poseidon Adventure, before Dawson announces, "Hey, it's time. Let's see if our disaster-movie séance worked," and flips on the TV to get a weather report. The TV weatherman discusses the progress of Hurricane Chris and says that school officials have cancelled classes in Yarmouth, North Falmouth, and Capeside. Wow, the writers actually got the names of the towns right. Dawson yells, "Woo hoo! Score!" and high-fives Joey. Then the news broadcast cuts back to Gale "Faithless Hussy" Leery and The Notorious B.O.B.; Gale murmurs that it sounds like tomorrow "could be a good day just to stay in bed," and Bob leers, "You've got that right, Gale." A disgusted Dawson fumes, "God, could they be any more obvious?" and comments that Bob would probably turn a reference to the situation in Bosnia into a double entendre. He turns off the TV. Joey looks uncomfortable and slumps down onto the bed, and Dawson does the same as Joey asks, "Does your mom know you know?" Dawson, quietly: "No." Joey: "Dad?" Dawson: "Profoundly clueless." Joey tries to change the subject by asking in a falsely breezy tone, "So, Paul Newman or Gene Hackman?" but Dawson says, "You know, Joey, I'm kind of tired -- you mind if I sack?" Joey says no, she'll just see him tomorrow, and an awkward silence reigns as Joey puts on her shoes and Dawson -- whose hair looks like the mane of the lion in the Hanna-Barbera cartoons -- looks down at his feet. Joey finally says, "You know, you're gonna have to deal with this, Dawson." Dawson stretches his neck and says wanly, "Everything's postponed because of the hurricane, my life included," and Joey says, "Your life is a hurricane," and Dawson groans, "No metaphors, Joey, it's too late," and I agree, especially when the metaphors don't work to begin with, and Joey half-shrugs and says, "Later." As she goes out the window, Dawson says he'll see her tomorrow, and Joey stops and says, "Fasten your seat belt, Dawson. It's going to be a bumpy life," and if you listen carefully, you can hear Bette Davis spinning like a top in her grave. Dawson makes a face and turns the TV back on to watch the end of the news and obsess about his mother's sex life some more.

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