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In A Lonely Place

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In A Lonely Place

The Straightest Gay Bar In The World. Jack comes back from the bathroom to find Pacey chatting up some guy. He's talking about bread, which isn't a particularly effective pick-up line on men or on women. Jack smiles at the guy wanly, then pulls Pacey away for a moment. Pacey explains that the guy he's talking to is a major food critic, and he was talking up Liberty Hell in hopes that Food Critic will give them a write-up. Aw, Pacey's a whore. A whore for his work. That's so cute. "What does he want in return?" Jack asks, all suggestive-eyebrow-y. "You don't think that he thinks I'm…?" Pacey wonders. Jack's all, well, unless you told him that you weren't gay, then…yes. Pacey rolls his eyes. "Jack, look at me," he says. "Really look. I'm a schlub. I would be an insult to gaydom." Jack's all, yes. Yes, you are. Much like my character is. But Food Critic was talking to you, and acting like you're fascinating, Jack says. "You're not that interesting," Jack says, pointing out that no stranger listens that hard to anyone unless they're looking for nookie. Realization dawns on Pacey. "I think for the first time in my life, I understand what it must be like to be a woman," he breathes. "A really hot woman." Jack snorts. "Um. You're not that hot," he says. "I'm not?" Pacey asks. "Not really," Jack tells him. Heh. Kerr Smith and Josh Jackson have really excellent comic timing together. The boys stare at each other, then Jack shakes his head like he can't believe they're having this conversation and asks Pacey what he plans to do. Pacey agrees that he doesn't want Food Critic to think he was misleading him. And Jack's all, "All right, then I'm just going to go over and explain what an idiot you are." Pacey nixes this and wonders if they can't just gloss over the whole sexual orientation thing. At least until Food Critic agrees to write a story on Liberty Hell. "Because that would mean a ton of business for my restaurant," he reiterates. Jack stares at him. "What are you going to do when he asks you for a number?" he asks. Pacey grins. "I will look him right in the eye and give him your number," he says. Jack cracks up. "No, come on, we're telling him the truth," he says.

Radio Station. Blah blah music, blah blah blah truth blah blah rock and roll!

Movies. Joey's sitting straight up in her seat, looking very uptight. Dawson is nicely pretending that everything is totally normal. Joey watches Creepy's every move. Who's creepy now? "Sure you don't want to go over and say hi?" Dawson finally asks. Joey does not! She changes the subject and asks about the movie. Which, natch, gets Dawson yammering again. He's very boring, so I tune out. Apparently, it's some obscure movie or something. I don't know. Okay, I admit it; I switched over to watch Olympic skeleton during this scene. Jimmy Shea is my new boyfriend! But I do know that Joey says something about how you "pretty much have to be a film geek" to want to see this particular flick. "Or you have to be friends with a film geek," Dawson chuckles. "Right! Like us!" Joey shouts. "They could just be friends!" Dawson is like, oy. He rolls his eyes and points out that Creepy is actually smooching on his so-called "friend." Joey's face falls into her socks. "Joey! Do you have a crush on your English professor?" Dawson practically bursts into a gale of girlish giggles, this so amuses him. "No," Joey insists. Dawson snickers and points out that teachers do have personal lives. "They have been known to kiss people," he says. "Yeah, lots of people," Joey grouses. The house lights go down as Dawson shoots her an incredulous glance. "Look, the movie's starting," Joey says.

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