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In A Lonely Place

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In A Lonely Place

Finally, Dawson comes out to the lobby and finds Joey sitting there alone, looking pensive and heroic. She was about to come back in, she says. "Don't bother," he says. "Want to elaborate on what you were saying earlier?" Joey mutters that he'll miss the rest of the movie. He shrugs and tells her that he has a feeling her story might be more interesting. They walk outside. Joey yammers about Creepy for another year and a half. She thinks that Creepy saw "everything [she] could be," if "only [she weren't herself]." Dawson offers that she might, in fact, not be herself. Joey looks at him. "You kissed your professor!" he squeals. "You kissed the guy who gives you grades!" Hee. Joey rolls her eyes, then admits that she was at Creepy's house the night Dawson called and asked her to put out the Audrey fire on his ill-fated movie set. Dawson nods, drinking in the gossip. Joey explains that she'd gone over to Casa Creepy to straighten things out. "But really you went over there to make things more complicated," Dawson translates. "I don't think the answer to that would sound very Joey-like," Joey giggles. Dawson thinks they need a "new definition" of "Joey-like." Anyway, she continues, she never went back to Creepy's (because she got MUGGED and then he acted like a DICK), which turned out to be a good thing, because "she would have made a gigantic fool" out of herself. Dawson tells her not to sell herself short. At least she took a chance, he says. Joey nods, but muses that she'll never know if she would have gone through with "it." Dawson asks if she'd really want to "go back in time" to find out. Joey considers this, then shakes her head. She tells him that "not knowing has a certain sweet sadness to it." (Yeah, yeah, Flaubert is the bomb, DC writers. Now, which one of you wrote your senior thesis on Sentimental Education and have been waiting for years to work it into this show? I mean, it's not like I don't understand. I've been trying to shoehorn my thoughts on the theme of incest in William Faulkner into things since '97.) Dawson smiles at her. "I think I'm familiar with that feeling," he says. And they walk off together into the night. I like the two of them as friends, without all the bitching and moaning. Come on, that wasn't such a bad scene! It was okay! You know it! Of course, now that I've said that aloud, I'm sure the writers will hook them up once and for all, causing mass suicide on our forums and leading to my lengthy incarceration in a mental institution.

Pacey and Jack are still hanging at the bar. Pacey wonders when Jack started going to gay bars alone. Jack points out that he's not alone, then confesses that Audrey took him to this joint the night Pacey cooked them all dinner. Hey, Continuity! You're back. Sars told me that you like Diet Coke, so I went to CostCo and -- hey, come back! Jesus. I can't catch a break, can I? Jack drinks his beer and comments that that's "the essence of Audrey." She "zeroes in on the one thing you're slightly afraid of" and won't take no for an answer. Pacey stares at his drink as Jack wonders who does that for her. At long last, Pacey pushes back from the bar and announces that he's going. "To chase the girl!" he crows. Jack grins and nods and says he's going to hang out with the all the other gay dudes for a while. Pacey runs off. Jack looks at the business card Food Critic gave him and smiles. Just a little bit.

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