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In A Lonely Place

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In A Lonely Place

Outside the radio station, Audrey hugs The Beard and thanks him for teaching her about Life And Love. The Wig and Jen are still blathering about passion and whatnot. Blah blah blah, Jen's scared her relationship with the Head isn't sufficiently spicy. Whatever. Her hair is so ugly. Finally, The Wig gives her a promotional shirt and bids her goodbye. The van drives away. Those dudes sucked. How boring was that subplot? Seriously? Of course, part of the problem is that I hate Jen, post-spinectomy. "This was so not the night I expected," Audrey tells Jen, before looking up to see Pacey leaning against his car and staring at her, all Dylan McKay-style. Jen chuckles and tells Audrey to run over there and make him happy. Or miserable. "Just go to him," she instructs.

And so she does. Pacey grins. "She need a ride?" he asks, nodding at Jen. "No," Audrey says, grinning back. But she, Audrey, does. If he knows what she means. And she thinks he does. Also, she needs to apologize. "I kinda maybe overreacted a little," she says, before explaining that "happiness freaks her out." Pacey just smiles at her. "You know what the real problem is here, don't you, Audrey?" he asks. It's that she's afraid to have sex with him the second time. (I don't know why. He doesn't elaborate. Fear of intimacy? Dislike of his body odor? I don't know.) But he's not going to take no for an answer this time, he says. "That's not very PC of you," Audrey coos. They eat each other's faces for six minutes. When they come up for air, Pacey asks what made her change her mind. "I met this really hot guy in a band!" Audrey squeals. Pacey opens his mouth to ask a number of questions, but she covers it with her own mouth and they get back to the delightful face-eating.

Back at Casa Grams, Jen gives Dawson the t-shirt from The Wig. See, now he has a sufficiently cool t-shirt, but it's from the dude who just ruined his relationship by planting the seeds of doubt in Jen's mind. Or something. She spreads herself onto his chest and asks after Joey. "She had an affair with her English professor," Dawson says calmly. Jen is surprised. And a little impressed. Dawson dubs the whole thing bizarre. Although he does say that it made him realize "how much time has passed," and how much they've all changed. Since when? He doesn't say. Maybe since that time with all that stuff went down. And that change? It's not so bad. Jen looks thoughtful, and then wonders aloud if people need to be passionate about "the same things" in order for a relationship to work. She's having doubts because he doesn't like crap-ass bands and would rather do his homework than watch her interview Veneer? Whatever, stupid new Jen. Dawson wrinkles his brow and says that he thinks a successful couple needs only be passionate about each other. "And we are, aren't we?" Jen asks, putting her thumb in her mouth as she snuggles on his chest. I know, the thumb thing is very strange and worrisome. So, Dawson's all, are you having doubts? Jen lies and says she isn't, she's "just tired." And… scene.

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