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Joey Potter And Capeside Redemption

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Joey Potter And Capeside Redemption

Once upon a time on Dawson's Creek: people gave a shit

Joey sits and drinks coffee in a café somewhere. "It's true what they say," she voiceovers. "Time plays tricks on you. Memory is an unreliable narrator. History gets rewritten in small ways with each passing day. I can't say this is exactly how it happened, but this is how it felt. I just read a whole lot of Proust and think I'm a genius."

We lead from her voice-overing into a quick montage: Grams holds a rummage sale at her house in Boston; Pacey and Jack pack up their apartment and look sad; Joey waits on customers at Le Voice-Over Café; Audrey studies; Pacey returns home, where he's met by a perturbed but not entirely unwelcoming Deputy Doug; Dawson busses tables at Leery's House of Fishcakes.

Finally, Joey rows her little boat across the creek, voice-overing that, at last, summer has come and that they've rapidly assumed the position. Er, I mean, that they'd assumed "[their] roles in what had become an already too-familiar scenario." Whatever. It seems to me that, if you don't want to find yourself in an unpleasant and all too familiar position, then perhaps you ought to stop putting yourself in that position. Although I would like to note that Joey's hair looks far better than it did last week. Perhaps it's because she's pulled it back into a nice, smooth ponytail, but it certainly looks more like it's all one color. Anyway, Joey is still talking: "Pacey had fallen from grace, Dawson's dreams were dashed, and I was somehow in the middle of it, all over again." Sigh. Yes, Josephine, if by "somehow," you mean "because I refused to remove myself from the situation."

Joey climbs the ladder up and into Dawson's boudoir. She's still reciting her voice-over. "The triangle we had all tried so hard to put to rest had come back to haunt us," she continues. If, after this show is done, I never see a triangle again in my life, it will be too soon. There go all my dreams of becoming a geometry teacher. Joey asks Dawson if he needs her help, and, as she speaks, the soundtrack stops abruptly. That directorial decision always amuses me, for no really good reason. I also kind of laugh when Dawson leaps a foot and squeaks that Joey scared the crap out of him. She looks around at his half-deconstructed room/set, and he tells her that he's indulging in some "symbolic purging," since the existence of this bedroom/set was just mocking all of his tragically destroyed hopes and dreams. While he's bitching and moaning, Joey rustles around in his desk and comes up with some sketchy storyboards. She holds them up with a cocked brow and reminds him that she's "the artist." Since when? Nice attempt at continuity, though, writers: better late than never, I say! I salute your efforts. Dawson tells her that "that's the movie, shot by shot." Joey seriously tells him that he shouldn't throw this away, since he's going to need it, and then she's all, "blah blah, I am here to help you because I am Saint Josephine of Potter, Patron Saint of It, who can do no wrong!" and he is all "yada yada complain, complain, whine, complain, martyr, martyr, whine, complain, I hate Pacey, complain, whine, martyr, complain." Joey reminds Dawson that Pacey didn't lose all his money on purpose, and Dawson sniffs self-righteously. "It never is [on purpose], Jo. It never is. But it happens every time, and I don't need it anymore." As Joey tries to sputter something neutral, he snaps that he can't believe she's taking Pacey's side! "I can," the entire audience mutters, before getting up en masse for a sandwich.

Joey insists that she's not taking Pacey's side, reminding Dawson how much she loves his script. "It was real, it was the truth. It made everything we've been through seem somehow worth it," she tells him, saying that she still thinks they can make Self-Indulgent Vanity Project a reality. Instead of thanking her for her compliments and for believing in him, Dawson just brats that he never wants to see Pacey again as long as he lives. "You know what? I know you don't mean that," Joey says. Dawson snips that, actually, yes, he does mean it. Also, his entire life is a waste and he'll never make this film and his dreams are dead and he might as well tie an anvil to his left foot and throw himself in the creek because everything is over, over, over! He explains that Idiotic Rehash of the Five Years We Just Lived Through was "a celebration of friendship," and he doesn't believe in any of that anymore. No one loves him! Everyone hates him! He's got a delicious worm sandwich waiting for him downstairs in the kitchen! Joey assures him that he's just "hurt and pissed." But she's not going to let him give up. "I'm going to leave you to your sulking for now," she chirps, cheerfully. "But I'll be back. And I promise you, it's not going to be pretty. Asses will be kicked. Names will be taken. Until then, bye-bye, old chum." She waves, and leaves by way of the window. He just furrows his brow. It occurs to me that I've never had anyone crawl through my bedroom window. That seems like a rather gaping hole in my romantic past all of a sudden. Of course, now that I'm an adult, I would probably assume that any man climbing through my bedroom window was doing so with an eye toward violently assaulting my virtue, and would be more likely than not to bash him over the head with a crowbar.

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