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Joey Potter And Capeside Redemption

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Joey Potter And Capeside Redemption

While Mr. Witter harasses the hardware store owner, Harley tells Dawson she won't do a portion of Sea Creature from the Deep, and stomps off in a huff. It's up to Patrick to explain that Harley can't swim. Dawson looks put upon.

Up on the lawn, Joey anoints Audrey and her very cute halter top Todd's new assistant. Audrey, after some good-natured bitching, very easily agrees.

Pacey continues to run around town collecting money. I'm not giving that scene short recapping shrift. That scene was ten seconds long.

Post-Sea Creature from the Deep, Joey combs out Harley's wet hair. "So, you're sure I'm not a lesbian?" Harley asks (about her character, not herself, people!). Joey is sure. Harley hypothesizes that latent lesbianism would explain why her character hates the girl next door and would rather hang out with the "asexual film dork" instead of going to France. Joey thoughtfully explains that Harley's character isn't ready to go to France. "She has a lot of growing up to do." Harley looks thoughtful. "He must have been a really good kisser, the gay guy," she says. Joey rolls her eyes and smirks that Harley hasn't listened to a word she's said. Harley's not the only one, Joey.

More filming. More moneymaking. Pacey, in his quest to make back Dawson's lost cash, tells a local restaurant owner that he used to be a chef, but now he's just "helping out a friend." The chef looks at him thoughtfully, and tells him not to go anywhere, before running to get a takeout order for the Non-Ali-Larter Kristy Livingstone. She and Pacey have this silly conversation wherein he doesn't remember her, and she's totally stunned, and blah blah blah. We get it -- Pacey's not the loser he thinks he is. We've know that for years, people.

Across town, Grams sits on the Leerys' porch and gazes across the lawn at her old house. She nods at the curtains hung at her old kitchen window, and sniffs that they're really extremely ugly. Jen smiles that she'll be sure to alert "the interior decorating police," and Grams smiles back up at her and says that she's happy to see the kids having one last fun day in Capeside. Jen assures Grams that they'll have plenty of reasons to return to Capeside. "It's not like we're…" She trails off. "Dying?" Grams asks. "That's right. We're not. It's just one more chapter in our lives together. A very nice long one." Aw, I love Grams. Jen looks around the yard and asks if Grams misses Capeside. "Every day," she replies. "Do I regret leaving it? Never." The women embrace, until Dawson comes up and tells them that they're in his shot. He does it nicely, for what it's worth. After a sick-making comment about Dawson being "the Frank Capra of Capeside," Jen hugs him and they vacate the porch.

This hug cues up a long, fuzzy-lensed hugging montage. Jack, Jen, and Grams hug Joey and Dawson and Audrey and Gale. Multiple times. Grams, in one moment, toys with an orange, dried strand of Joey's hair. I like to think that she's telling Joey to make an appointment with Miss Clairol. Eventually, a Yellow Cab pulls up, and Jack and Jen and Grams load up. "We love you," Jen calls to the group. Grams climbs into the cab, but Jen stands for a moment and looks around. "What is this feeling?" she asks. "It seems like everything is getting smaller and smaller. It's still there, but I can't touch it," she says. Jack smiles at her. "It's called goodbye," he says. As he gets into the car, Jen gazes down toward the dock, where Harley, George, and Patrick are wrassling. And then she climbs into the cab, and leaves the way she came.

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