Dawson's Creek
Joey Potter And Capeside Redemption

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Joey Potter And Capeside Redemption

Morning. Dawson opens his eyes…and Joey's not there. But there is a note, which he reads and smiles.

Elsewhere -- the café we opened in -- Joey weighs cheese and looks at a clock.

Meanwhile…or something, the timeframe of this episode is confusing…Dawson waits, leaning against a tree. And here comes Pacey, who spies him and swiftly realizes that they've been duped. They exchange cautious greetings, and Pacey explains that Joey must have tricked them. Dawson seems vaguely pissed, and calls her "Joey Potter, amateur peace broker." Pacey, on the other hand, seems primarily amused, and says that Joey seems to have "the kooky notion" that they can work it out. Dawson snits that they're never going to work it out, and Pacey points out that Joey has never listened to a single word either one of them has ever said. Dawson agrees with this, at least. "She's stubborn, that girl," Pacey grins. Dawson just looks at his watch and announces that he has somewhere to be. Because Pacey is the bigger man, he tells Dawson to wait a moment. "You said some pretty crappy things the other day," he begins. Dawson snaps that Pacey did, too. "Yes, I did. And I meant them, one hundred percent," Pacey responds. Dawson snips that he knows this, and he doesn't know how to get past it. "Maybe we don't," Pacey says, and tells him that they can't go back in time. The only thing that ties them together, Pacey says, is the fact that they "love the same woman." Dawson blinks that it always comes back to that. Pacey just chuckles. "Yes, it does. Yes, it does. And I don't regret a single second I spent with her," he says.

Pacey tells Dawson that he considers them lucky Joey would give either one of them the time of day. Dawson looks at the ground and flares. He finally admits that it makes sense, why it never worked out for either of them. "All we wanted was her. To the extent that it destroyed our friendship And in the end, all that she wanted was for us to be friends again." Technically, I don't think Dawson wanted Joey as much as he didn't want anyone else to have her, but let's not get into that now. Pacey nods, and says that he needs to ask Dawson something. "Is it possible for us to be friends again?" Dawson thinks about it. "Anything's possible," he finally says, and Pacey smiles. "Fair enough," he says, and hands over The Giant Wad Of Cash. Dawson stares down at the money. "Thank you," he finally forces out. "Don't mention it," Pacey says sunnily. They stare at each other. "Making love with you has left me peaceful," the soundtrack sings. Interesting music cue. Am I supposed to take something subtexual from that?

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