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Dawson remarks that "the percentage of dumb things I do is rising" around Jen, and wonders what that means. I have no comment on this matter at the moment, but Jen suspects "something extremely Freudian." "Extremely Freudian"? They hear footsteps. Dawson decides they have to hide -- leaving the expensive equipment out in plain sight -- and pulls her into a nearby bower. Meanwhile, in the little agora Jen and Dawson have just left, we see Pacey and TaMAHra on the monitor, staggering through as if drunk. Jen and Dawson whisper, and Jen gets something in her hair, and Dawson combs it out for her, and Jen sort of runs her hand down Dawson's chest, and then, at long and cheesy last, they kiss. The way I've summarized it, it sounds like it didn't take long, but I assure you that continents drift more rapidly than Dawson moves in for a liplock. In any event, speeyack. Meanwhile, on the monitor, we see Pacey and TaMAHra more or less having sex. Cut to Pacey and TaMAHra in the spoon position on some really fake-looking grass, and Pacey cuddles TaMAHra from behind and kisses her shoulders as she looks guilty and conflicted, and now Pacey Has Truly Become A Man. Shudder.

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Dawson's Creek




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