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Pacey slams the book down on a desktop: "Quiz me." TaMAHra quizzes him on some basic facts, which he gets right, but then she asks him about Ethan's strong sense of duty and says he has to cite examples from the text in his response. Pacey sighs in frustration.

Cut to video footage of Cliff, delivering a rousing speech guaranteed to whip the testosterone of his fictional teammates into a frenzy, and Dawson, rolling up AV cord and commenting snidely about "communal showers." Um, Dawson? Shut up. Oh, and one other thing -- shut up. Nellie overhears him and wonders if "someone need[s] to have a talk with Mr. Gold about someone's attitude?" Dawson tells her to "go for it" as Cliff yells "cut!" and he and the cast walk towards Nellie and Dawson; meanwhile, Nellie dresses Dawson down for disrupting filming and delaying "the entire production." Dawson asks when she started to hate him, and what did he ever do to her. Boy, what I wouldn't give for him to have asked me that question. Anyhow, the cast and crew look on as Nellie informs Dawson that he hasn't "earned" his place in the class or on the movie, and that she worked all summer on the script and doesn't appreciate his walking onto the set and trashing it, and frankly I think she's got a point. Jen looks at Dawson, then uncomfortably looks away as Nellie snaps, "I don't hate you, Dawson, but this is business, strictly professional," and then she tells him if he doesn't lose the 'tude she'll boot him off the film, and again I say, "Go, Nellie." Dawson stares at her defiantly for a moment before slouching away. Jen rustles her gold pom-poms and looks sorry for him, even though he had it coming.

Pacey, summarizing. TaMAHra, frumpily-shod feet up on her desk, the better to show off her not-all-that legs. Pacey getting the right answer; TaMAHra admitting she didn't expect him to get this far. Pacey: "Miss Jacobs was bluffing?" TaMAHra, trying to wriggle out of her end of the bargain: "Your reward is your education." Pacey having none of that. TaMAHra saying she'll owe him. Pacey taking her arm and reassuring her; TaMAHra having none of that and spluttering again about her "place of employment." Um, TaMAHra? Give us a break with the appearance-of-propriety routine, okay? Because methinks you should have closed that barn door before the horse got out. Pacey says everyone's gone home and she doesn't have to worry, and he approaches her, but she pushes him away again, and he asks, "What? What's the matter?" and very sarcastically she answers, "You know what, you're right. Let's do it!" She turns off the lights and continues, "Where should we do it? I know, my desk! Our first time should be on my desk. Strip." She starts to move books aside and says, "Hurry up. We don't have much time -- you better drop 'em," and a befuddled Pacey tugs at his shirt and says, "I know what you're doing -- you're calling my bluff to see how far I'll take it." TaMAHra shuffles more stuff around on her desk and snaps, "No no no, I'm deadly serious. Take 'em off." Pacey keeps stalling; TaMAHra asks if Pacey has condoms, "because we are going to need condoms." She begins to unbutton her blouse and remarks cheerily that, in a high school, she thinks he can probably "round some up." Pacey stammers and looks down. She asks, "What's wrong?" He observes that "this just isn't the most romantic place on earth, you know." TaMAHra laughs, "What, is this your first time, Pacey?" Oh, please -- he's fifteen, and besides that, she led him on, so I don't see why she has to act so mean. Pacey looks at her sadly, and as her face falls, he reproaches her, "You know that it is." She immediately buttons back up and says firmly, "Go home, Pacey," and tells him to find a girl his own age and not "some insane middle-aged woman," and I don't know about the middle-aged part, but TaMAHra definitely has a couple of emotional problems. Pacey objects, but she overrides him and says, "This can't go one second further -- this is beyond wrong, I hope you understand that." He takes her arm and makes her look at him, and says that she keeps saying how wrong it is, and maybe tonight she's right, but "I'm a firm believer that sometimes it's right to do the wrong thing." She looks away and sort of shakes her head as Pacey gathers his bookbag and leaves, stopping to wish her "good night -- Tammy" as he goes.

Bring me the head of Colonel Sanders.

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