Dawson's Creek
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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Have yourseeeeeelf a greeeeeeeeeasy little Christmaaaaaaas

Cut to Pacey and Joey entering the party. Joey tucks her hair diffidently behind her ear and clings to Pacey's arm; Pacey looks at her proudly. They greet some never-before-seen friends.

Back to Dawson and Gretchen, who, far from observing the polite just-friends peck the situation might seem to have called for, have begun macking in earnest. The camera circles around them to show Pacey and Joey in the background, and focus-zooms out to show both of their faces falling as they catch sight of the Dawson-Gretchen lip-lock.

Back to Dawson and Gretchen again, no longer kissing but tenderly gazing into each other's eyes.

Next week: a rerun of “True Love" means a night off for yours truly, and not a moment too soon.

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