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Have yourseeeeeelf a greeeeeeeeeasy little Christmaaaaaaas

Weird panning cut to Jen "Not-That-Bad Seed" Lindley, sitting on her bed and knitting. Music plays. Pan around to Jen not noticing that "Candy" Grams Ryan and Jack "Girl's Best Friend" McPhee have come in. Grams turns off the music, and Jen looks up and greets Jack with, "Will." Jack makes that weird little I-know-kung-fu head movement and says, "Grace." Aw, that's sweet. Grams asks if Jack wants anything; when he says no thanks, Grams glares pointedly at Jen and bustles out out of the room. Jen snarks that no, she's fine, nothing for her, thanks. Heh. Jack laughs and flops on Jen's bed, asking, "What was that all about?" Jen says that it's an "external manifestation" of Grams's disappointment in her over The E-Tarts Incident, and that Grams hasn't spoken a word to her in weeks. Jack says that Grams will get over it, "she always does," and does a back-flip off the bed. Jen changes the subject, asking if Jack wants to see a movie, and he says he'd love to, it's the perfect way to celebrate the fact that he finished his college applications, and he rambles on about how the essays nearly killed him while Jen rubs her hands uncomfortably; when he finishes, Jen offers flat congratulations and changes the subject back to which movie they want to see, suggesting "that gay one with Dean Cain" and saying that all the reviews "are calling it St. Homo's Fire, sounds awesome, what do you say?" Jack, eying her suspiciously, says it sounds good. After a moment, he wheels the desk chair he's sitting in over to the bed and asked if Jen has finished her own apps. Jen, not meeting his eye, lies, "Yeah pretty much why?" "How much is 'pretty much'?" Jen lies again that she's just got essays left. Jack says that the college advisor mentioned to him that Jen hadn't turned anything in yet. Jen concentrates a little too hard on her ball of yarn. Jack says he told the college advisor that that's ridiculous, then quizzes Jen on where she applied. "Buncha places." Jack asks what's up with "all the vague answers here." Jen tells him to chill. Jack reminds her of the "deadline, and it's quickly approaching." Jen says not to worry, she's "totally fine." Jack folds his arms and studies her, eyebrow aloft. Jen decides that she's not in a "movie mood" after all and asks if they can catch up later. Jack makes a face, says "sure," and heads out. Jen goes back to her knitting for a second, then looks worried and slumps down on her bolster pillow.

Downstairs, Jack lopes into the kitchen and asks Grams for a favor. "Of course, anything. Cookie?" Grams says. Mmm. Cookies. "Do you think you could talk to Jen?" Jack asks, watching Grams put sprinkles on his cookie (aw). Grams doesn't miss a beat: "Anything but that." Jack knows she's not on the best of terms with Jen right now, but he's worried; he doesn't think Jen has filled out any of her applications, and he thought Grams could talk to her about it. Grams shrugs that "Jennifer is a big girl," and that she's tried to help Jen, but Jen doesn't want or appreciate Grams's help, so she's on her own. Jack sighs and looks at his cookie. Mmm. Jack.

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