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Have yourseeeeeelf a greeeeeeeeeasy little Christmaaaaaaas

And then we have a scene with Dawson and the college counselor, in which the college counselor asks him why he wants to become a filmmaker, and Dawson thinks his essay covers that, and the counselor says that his essay skirts the issue, and Dawson calls it a tough question to answer, and the counselor says that USC is one of the most competitive film programs in the country so he'd better find a way, and she hands him back his essay and tells him to "do better." Dawson flares his nostrils in exasperation.

Elsewhere in the hallowed halls of Capeside High, Pacey "Wimp Daddy" whines about having to go to the Worthington function, and I don't blame him -- I know Joey doesn't have parents handy to go to these types of events, but boyfriends don't customarily attend them either -- and Joey says he has to come, and Pacey suggests that she hire an escort, and she fires off a non-witty comeback involving the word "man-meat," and Pacey mock-suggests dumping her to get out of it, and Joey says he should do what he has to do, but he's still coming with her. Pacey asks if they'll have "any fun." Joey doubts it. Pacey says that they should go to Mitch and Gale's party, then. Joey whines that bailing on the Worthington thing "would severely diminish [her] chances for getting into college." Don't these dumb parties serve as a means for the college to sell itself to you, and not the other way around? Whatever. Pacey grumbles. Joey lectures him in the same whiny tone that he knows the party is important to her, and that "being in a relationship means that sometimes you do have to do things you don't particularly enjoy for that other person." She's not wrong about that, but it doesn't apply here. Joey, who really needs to decide what she wants out of those weird choppy bangs, adds that she doesn't really love the Sunday dinners with his family, and Pacey shoots back that he doesn't either and they can stop going "at any time," and they continue on down the hall, still batting the issue back and forth.

Ryan Home. Jen comes home from school to find Grams unpacking a box of wrapped gifts from Jen's mom and dad. Jen comments, somewhat sadly, that she knows what they contain: a sweater from Barneys from her mother, "hand-picked by the maid," and jewelry from her father, which one of his trampy secretaries probably threw back in his face. Grams folds her lips in a line and suggests that Jen take them upstairs and open them in her room, but Jen opens the fridge and snaps that Grams should take them to Goodwill: "Donate 'em to somebody who cares." "That is not an appropriate attitude for the holidays, child," Grams says, and Jen leans on the fridge door and snarks, "Yeah, well, Merry Effin' Christmas." Grams airs her out, calling her a "spoiled, self-involved" brat, and Jen sighs sarcastically that Grams is "absolutely right," so she'll just go to her room after all. Grams suggests curtly that, while she's up there, she get started on her applications. Jen, eyes full of tears, grits out, "Right, of course. Anything to get me out of the house quicker, huh?" "That is not what I meant!" Grams protests, but Jen snarls that Grams hasn't spoken a word to her in nearly a month, so she doesn't get to "instill [Jen] with motivation" anymore: "You lost that right when you wrote me off." Jen snatches the gifts, hurls them into the refrigerator on top of a product-placed six-pack of Canada Dry (shout-out?), and stomps out of the kitchen. Grams watches her go, taken aback, and it looks like she's wondering to herself if Jen might not have a point there.

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