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Poetry post-reading. Jen tries to dig for more info about Tom's girlfriend; Tom answers generically, without admitting that the poet is in fact his girlfriend. Tom then busts her for stalking him, but good-naturedly, and when Jen cringingly asks why he didn't stop her, he says that "it was obviously important to [her]…what's less obvious is why, and we will talk about that on Tuesday." Jen asks if she's not allowed to want to know things about him. "About me?" Tom snickers. "I'm not really all that interesting. I think there was some bigger question you needed answered." Yeah, yeah. We KNOW. Get ON with it. Jen asks what. After endless back-and-forth, they finally get to it: Jen wanted to know if she could trust Tom Frost. And now she knows she can. Swell. Nnnnnnext!

IHOF verandah. Gretchen leans on the railing and stares out to sea, and Dawson strolls up and advises her that the IHOF isn't the best place to hang out if she's trying to avoid him. "Of course, if you're trying to break up with me…" She isn't. "But you have been avoiding me." She has. Dawson doesn't want Gretchen to think that he's not over Joey, or that Gretchen's not important to him, or that he doesn't want "this" to work; Gretchen doesn't think that, and tells him he didn't do anything wrong: "All you were was honest with me." So what's the problem, Dawson asks -- "is this about sex?" No, she says, and makes Dawson promise that he'll always be as honest with her as he was the night before, because that's the hardest part of a relationship, much harder than sex; trusting someone is "a gigantic leap of faith," but sex is "just mechanical," like brushing your teeth. Hmm. I think Gretchen needs to start having some better sex, because it's not "just mechanical." Or so I read. Anyway, they both chuckle, and Dawson says it's funny she should mention that, because he brought her something: a toothbrush. There's some banter about whether he'd have given it to her if she'd dumped him, in which case it would serve as a "parting gift," and also, he saw her old toothbrush and "it was really disgusting," and he teases her that that's why they put the color in the bristles, and she says, "Meta-statement!" Oh no, actually she says, "Okay, I get it! Shut up!" and they canoodle a bit before we fade out on the sunlit water.

A lighthouse; reeds waving in slo-mo; Pacey and Joey, walking through the fog on the dunes. "It's a nice thing Dawson just did for ya," Pacey says, leading the witness. It succeeds: "Why just for me?" Joey's the one who got so upset about it, Pacey points out. Joey waits a moment, then changes the subject, saying she's glad they walked; it's really nice out there, and spring is coming soon. Pacey cracks that their new "pastime is much more of an indoor sport." Joey smiles shyly, then wonders aloud if maybe they "should have done it on the boat, you know? When we were alone?" Pacey glibs that they would have "missed all the scenery." Joey asks if he misses the times when they "weren't having sex, when everything and every moment wasn't about sex." Pacey doesn't know that that time "ever really existed," and Joey guesses he's right; before they had sex, "everything was about sex, and now that we have had sex…" "Everything is still about sex," Pacey says, in an even tone that doesn't do justice to the depressing nature of that statement. Pacey looks at his feet as he says, "Do you think we're doing somethin' wrong?" Joey, without hesitation: "No. Do you?" Pacey, still watching the ground: "No. I -- but if you don't think we did anything wrong, I was just…I mean, I don't know why that you would…" He trails off. Joey gives him the furry eyeball and asks if Gretchen said something to him after she left that morning. Pacey takes a page from Joey's copy of The Big Book Of Bad-Lying Techniques and shakes his head a little too slowly, saying "no" and looking off over Joey's shoulder. "Why?" "No reason," Joey fibs in return. They step onto a wooden walkway, and Joey's wearing two-inch-heeled boots. To walk on the dunes. The hell? Joey turns to him and suggests that they walk a little longer: "We never do that anymore." Pacey takes her hand, his expression inscrutable, and they walk into the dunes together.

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