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Lie lady lie

At Tom Frost's office, Jen "Suicide Blonde" Lindley tells Tom why she's friends with Jack: he's a good listener, they have fun together, and she feels she can really trust him. "And if he were straight, you couldn't trust him?" Tom asks. Jen didn't say that. "What about girls?" Jen, thrown off: "You -- you mean sleeping with them?" "Trusting them," Tom laughs. Jen laughs too, and Tom asks if she finds it easier to make friends with guys than with girls. Jen expresses the opinion that "girls suck," and at puberty we all get lobotomies, and one day everyone's "milling around FAO Schwarz in the Rainbow Brite section, and the next day somebody gets breasts, and after that it's all about getting boys to like you, and whoever dies thinnest wins." Ouch. Did Jen want boys to like her? "Teenage sluts aren't born, they're made -- that kinda thing." Huh? Tom prompts her to talk about decisions she made "when [she was] younger," decisions she regrets. Jen looks away and smiles mirthlessly, mentioning the "whole sex-before-the-thirteenth-birthday" thing and rubbing her hands nervously. "You told me you were drunk the first time you had sex." And the second, and the third, Jen says, "but I think we've already been over this," and she looks at her lap. Tom regards her sympathetically; after a moment she looks up and continues, "Unless you'd like to share some embarrassing details about your first sexual experience, huh?" Tom smiles all "sorry, access denied." There's discussion of the fact that, every time Jen asks Tom a personal question, he wants to know why it's important to her, but he didn't do it this time. Tom says he doesn't have to; he knows why it's important to her. Yeah, so do we, but they'll drag us through the wacky subplot underbrush regardless, so let's just get on with it, shall we? Tom smiles, "I'm much better at this than you think I am." Then he tells her their time is up. Jen leaves, kind of reluctantly.

IHOF. Enter Dawson, carrying a take-out coffee; the coffee figures in later banter, all of which I refuse to transcribe on the grounds that it's stupid, irrelevant, and recycled from yet another Cameron Crowe opus. Gretchen expositions that the IHOF is short-staffed, and she has to wait for reinforcements to arrive. The phone rings; it's Gale, calling to further the contrivance. Traffic on I-95 is "a bitch." "Where In The World Is" Bodie "Sandiego" gets a name-check. Gretchen makes faces. After she hangs up, she harangues Dawson about not telling her that his parents had gone out of town for the weekend. Dawson admits that he's "busted," but says that if he'd told her, it would sound "like the world's worst come-on." Good point. Dawson is actually fairly bearable in this scene. Gretchen offers to come by later with videos and popcorn. Dawson's down with it. Gretchen gives him a smooch on the cheek.

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