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Witterschloss. Pacey is ordering a pizza when Gretchen blows through, saying she's "not really" there, she's just grabbing some stuff; Joey looks panicked. Pacey grabs Gretchen to ask how you say "cheese" in Portuguese, and Joey asks to talk to Gretchen for a second. They walk into the next room, and Joey murmurs awkwardly that she knows Gretchen knows, and she hoped that Gretchen could…"That I could keep my big fat mouth shut?" Gretchen finishes dryly. Joey nods. Gretchen tells her not to look "so serious," and who would she tell, anyway? Joey stutters that "certain people" don't need to know, because it would just bring up "painful memories," and that's not "what I want this to be about." Yeah, no kidding -- so stop making it about that, Joey, and furthermore, stop talking to Dawson's current girlfriend about it, because it implies that he sits around thinking about you all the time, and even if he does, that's a shitty thing to say to Gretchen, so fucking SHUT UP already! Criminy. Gretchen remarks a little sharply that "you two are just friends," and Joey agrees, but says they aren't the type of friends who tell each other everything right away and blah, and if Dawson heard something like that, something about Joey, Joey would want it to come from her. Gretchen interrupts to say that "[they're] in complete and total agreement here." She won't say anything to Dawson, but she does want to warn Joey, "as a friend and as a vaguely older and wiser sister-type figure," that it isn't all that hard to guess. Joey smiles sadly that she knows. "I mean, you look happy, Joey." Gretchen goes to get her stuff. Joey fakes a smile and looks bleak. Pacey gets off the phone, saying that he has no idea what kind of pizza is going to show up, and Gretchen blows through again on her way out. Pacey asks where she's going, and Gretchen says matter-of-factly, "Dawson's. See ya," and heads out. Joey fakes another smile, this time in Pacey's direction; he returns the smile, but he's watching her face. They both shrug awkwardly. Oy vey. Just break up, you two.

Bookstore. Jen and Jack spy on Tom Frost in an unfunny fashion. From the fact that Tom is checking out Interview With The Vampire, Jack deduces that Tom is gay. Banter about straight people reading Anne Rice and partying all night with the undead…or, you know, something like that. I had to pick all the pineapple off of the pizza Contrivance ordered, so I might have missed something there. Jack mentions that he watches Sex and the City. More spying. Then of course they run snack into Tom, and Jack is pretending to read a book, but it's upside down. Introductions. Tom is amused, and totally onto them, and there's more Three's Company-script-reject humor about a poetry reading by Robinson someone, "I love his work," he's a she, blah blah blah fishycakes. Maybe Tom will see them at the poetry reading. Tom leaves; Jack makes fun of Jen. Nnnnnnnext!

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