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Witterschloss. Pacey and Joey eat their pizza while seated at a really cool fifties-space-age table, and Joey is babbling on about how she's sure Gretchen's "just stopping by Dawson's" before spending the night at Doug's: "So what if Mitch and Gale are out of town?" Joey? Stop talking about it. Immediately. Pacey swallows a bite of pizza and repeats, "Mitch and Gale are out of town?" Last pre-baby trip, Joey reports, and then assures him that it's probably nothing. Yeah, like Pacey's the one who's all worried about it. Pacey says he hopes it's nothing, because "the alternative is just too horrifying to contemplate." Amen, my brother. Joey says that Gretchen's his sister and Dawson's their friend, so "it's weird." Pacey, ignoring my shouted plea of "don't go there," asks, "How weird would you say it is?" Joey tries to play it off with a joke, but he's serious: "Do you care?" Joey, taking entirely too long to answer and deliberately not meeting his eye: "No. You?" Pacey: "No. [pause] Are you sure?" Joey thinks it over, then nods emphatically that she's sure; it's none of their business, and it "ruins the mood," which she won't let happen. Uhhhhh huh. Smooching.

On the couch at Pregnancy Pavilion, formerly Reconciliation Ranch, Gretchen snuggles on Dawson's shoulder and says, "Oh, come on, it was sweet." Dawson objects to "all that crap" about soulmates (yay!). When Gretchen starts rummaging through her bag to find the other movie she brought, Dawson spots her toothbrush and jammies and asks if she brings them with her everywhere she goes. She laughs that no, she just likes "to be prepared" for whatever possibility might arise. "And your spending the night is a possibility?" Dawson asks softly. "Do you want it to be?" Dawson: "Uh…?" "This is really awkward," Gretchen announces. They both laugh. Gretchen says that they should talk about it and "get it out in the open," and then they'll feel "a lot better." "Okay," Dawson says, and then just sits there. Heh. More awkward smiling before Gretchen bursts out, "You're not talking." "And neither are you," Dawson titters, and they both crack up again. Finally, Gretchen agrees to start, and she tells him who she lost her virginity to, and Dawson remembers the guy as "that moronic basketball player" whom he hated, and whom he now hates even more. Gretchen says encouragingly that "this is good," that "[they're] laughing," and she says that now it's Dawson's turn, and he says that it's "totally unfair." Gretchen asks why. "Because I've never had sex." Gretchen gets the save with, "So? I've never been to the Middle East, but I still have feelings on the topic." Snerk. Dawson doesn't laugh, though. Gretchen prompts him, saying he's obviously thought about it, and he says that obviously he has. "And?"

Dawson launches into his dating history: with Jen, it wouldn't have occurred to him to ask. Um, whatever -- you got all judgmental because she'd had sex and you hadn't, and then you expected to have sex with her and that freaked you out, so she dumped you, and good on her. Nice rewrite of history, Rock-Hard Abstinence. On to Joey, when he thought "everything was perfect, but she wanted to wait, which was fine." And then there's the reference to What Went Down Last Spring, although he doesn't use those words, thank god; Dawson does choose to skip right over The Skeeve Incident. Then he blathers on about feeling relieved when Pacey and Joey got back and they still hadn't done the humpty-hump, and he knows that's lame, but he thinks part of him "was still clinging to the insane notion that Joey and [he] were destined to lose [their] virginity together." Gretchen looks a little squicked out by this, but says that it doesn't sound all that insane: "I mean, she was your first serious girlfriend." Dawson could still save himself at this point after yawing into Joey territory, but instead of getting quickly back to the topic of his own sex life, he sighs wearily that he wishes they'd just done it on the boat, or that they'd do it now and get it over with, so he wouldn't have to think about it anymore, and while I don't find the sentiment itself utterly unsympathetic -- we've all felt that at one point or another -- it's totally inappropriate for him to obsess over his ex's virgin status in front of Gretchen. Gretchen chokes out, "How do you know they haven't?" "She told me," Dawson says. Gretchen literally draws back at this. "Pretty adult, huh, especially for us," he goes on with a hint of pride. "I asked her and she told me." I cannot believe that even Dawson would think it's okay to tell his current girlfriend that he ASKED his EX whether she'd SLEPT with his current girlfriend's BROTHER. What. The. Fuck? As if Dawson didn't suck enough already…poor Gretchen. Anyway, Gretchen doesn't know what to do with that information, and she just smiles tightly at Dawson as we go into the break.

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