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Previously on DC: Pacey asked Joey what happened in Boston, and she said that "there was another girl"; Ethan told Jack that, to stay in Jack's life, he'd have to do so as a friend, not a love interest; Buzz pestered Pacey about "the girl"; Pacey wanted to know why Joey called him, and then he wanted to know if she ever got tired of talking, and then he planted a kiss on her.

Fade up at the side of the road with Pacey "Unrequite This" Witter and Joey "'Tude Ranch" Potter still in a liplock. A few more seconds of smooching, during which Joey seems to give as good as she gets, and they break the kiss. After a moment of disorientation, Joey gives Pacey a hard shove in the chest, sending him staggering back a step, and gasps, "Are you insane? How could you do that? How could you take some simple declaration of friendship as an invitation to just maul me, Pacey?" She gives him another shove and snarls, "Answer me! What were you thinking? What?" Another shove. Pacey, in shock, stammers that he doesn't know, that "it was an impulse," which earns him yet another push and an incredulous, "An impulse?" from Joey. The camera follows the two of them along the roadside as Joey gets up into Pacey's face and Pacey backs away from her. "Yeah, an impulse," Pacey says, "you know -- sudden, momentary, and believe me, fleeting." Joey sneers angrily, "Do you have any idea of the monumental implications of that meaningless little impulse? The ripple effect that it could create in our small but fragile universe?" Excuse me a moment. I must marshal a workforce of Egyptian laborers to build a pyramid, one with thousands of steps, a ziggurat which we can only hope Joey will climb in order to get over herself. Okay, on with the recap. "You're right, Potter, forgive me for thinking a kiss is just a kiss," Pacey grumbles, embarrassed but beginning to get annoyed. Joey continues to ream him, saying that "a kiss is not just a kiss, not between you and me, and you know why!" When Pacey doesn't respond right away, Joey reminds him with a dramatic wave of her arms (probably meant to evoke Dawson's overwrought arm-flapping), "Dawson? Remember? I mean, he factors into this little -- hormonal meltdown." "Meltdown," Pacey repeats. "I just had a meltdown?" Joey nods sarcastically, and Pacey grouses, "Forgive me if I don't think this is the worst tragedy in the history of humankind that Pacey Witter, in a moment of -- impulsive, compulsive, hormone-induced insanity would have the nerve to kiss Joey Potter." Yeah, seriously. Chill out, Joey. Joey glares at him, then glares even harder as he goes on, "And you let me do it! You did, you let me do it, so what, now I guess the universe begins to unravel, well, excuse me while I get in the car," and he stomps past her and back to the Wagoneer. She turns to watch him go, still glowering, and since she doesn't have a good comeback to that, she turns away again and begins storming along the shoulder.

Pacey orders her to get in the car; she refuses. Pacey starts the car and pulls it up alongside Joey, asking her again to get in the car; again, she poutily refuses. Pacey defends himself some more, saying that he didn't mean to kiss her, and "this is me, Pacey, act first, think later," and he says in his customary babble-in-order-to-gain-approval style that, now that he's had a chance to think about it, "I take it all back, okay? So get in the car." "No," she snits, still walking on the shoulder. Pacey points that "it is at least six miles" to Joey's house, it's freezing out, and if she doesn't get into the car, he'll just have to follow her along at three miles an hour the whole way. Finally, Joey flounces into the car, slams the door petulantly, and goes to fasten her seat belt. Pacey says acidly, "So I guess I'm to take it by your angry silence that you're not speaking to me anymore." Pacey, dude, count your blessings. Joey snips, "Nope." Pacey asks how long she plans to keep that up. "How does indefinitely sound?" Joey snaps. "Fine," Pacey snaps back. They say "fine" a few more times. Pacey peels out onto the road.

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