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Northern Lights

Props to Pamie, Sars, and to the DC contest winners to whom I finally sent prizes this week.

Previously on Dawson's Creek: Joey roomed with A.J. Moller, who was not a girl; he asked her whether he could call her sometime, and she said he could; Nikki told Dawson that it would benefit his films if he cared about one or two things other than film; Jen and Henry started talking again, and Henry jumped to the conclusion that they were a couple; Andie assistant-directed Barefoot in the Park, and Pacey starred in it; the DC writers shamelessly ripped off Election; I enjoyed my week away from Dawson's Creek.

The camera swoops in on the PB&B. Within, Pacey "Hamlette" Witter is saying, "Tomorrow night will be your night. We'll do whatever you want." In response, we hear the voice of "Little Orphan" Joey Potter saying she wants to do "something wild, insane, and crazy," and Pacey promises that they will. We finally make visual contact with our stars; Joey glances at a book, then sets it down decisively and says, "No way. Sorry. We're done." Pacey whines that they "can't stop now" because he "doesn't know this stuff at all." Joey replies, "Sorry, Master Thespian, but the whole next page consists solely of cooing, tickling, and lap-sitting -- three things definitely not in my range as an actress." You don't have to tell us that, lady; we saw Teaching Mrs. Tingle. Oh, wait. No, we totally didn't. And that was why. Pacey says that Joey will be sorry tomorrow when Pacey gets up on stage, panics, and starts ad-libbing obscenities to the crowd. (Shout-out?) Joey gives him a sidelong glance and quietly tells him that she'd planned to go on Saturday. Pacey's face crumples in on itself, but he quickly recovers and tells her that she has to go on Friday -- opening night -- because there'll be a better chance then for her to see some "amusing disaster." Good point, that. (And I'd like to add that this show aspires to be an "amusing disaster.") She says that she can't, because she has to go to "this thing" on Friday night with "a guy" who, when pressed, she admits is A. "Hole" J. Moller. Pacey squeaks, "The college guy?" and Joey rolls her eyes and looks sheepish and says that he's coming to the Cape for a party and invited her to go with him. Pacey is incredulous that Joey would deign to attend a frat party, and Joey insists that A.J. isn't that kind of college guy, and that the party has been organized around the possibility that the next night, Cape Cod residents will be able to see the aurora borealis. Pacey opines that this is a flimsy excuse A.J. has concocted in order to "separate [Joey] from the Potter pantalones." (Hey! That's what I call my landlord in my journal on Hissyfit. Shout-out?) Joey informs him that "you can't fake geomagnetic activity." Pacey says that you can if you're some "Ivy League egghead" bent on carrying out an "astronomical make-out scam." He adds that the chances of the northern lights' appearing in the sky over Capeside are about as good as his of acquitting himself with distinction in the play tomorrow night. Joey says, "Yeah, well, call me crazy, but I'll take those odds any day." Is that some kind of back-handed vote of confidence in Pacey? Whatever. I'm not so sure I want these two to hook up anymore. And what's with the new credits? It's January! Although the only images that seem to have disappeared are those of Michelle Williams's crimpy locks.

Outside Capeside High, Dawson "Milos Forehead" Leery is asking Joey what she thinks about...something. She says she thinks he's going to be pretty bored in study hall. He says "it" could give him a great opportunity to study human behaviour, "at least until [he] figure[s] out what [his] next move is going to be." Please let it be a move to Time of Your Life; it's got one foot in the grave already! Joey tells him not to join the yearbook. Just then Nikki "Wing's Girlfriend" Green cuts them off at the pass and snaps, "You dropped Film class? Are you insane?" Joey says that she can tell that the two of them have a lot to discuss, and books. Nikki asks Dawson whether his decision has anything to do with the film festival, and Dawson says that he just needs to "walk away for a little while" and "recharge [his] batteries." God, I don't even want to think where the "batteries" go on Dawson. OR DO I? Nikki tells him that the least he could have done was give her some warning since they are partners, and are supposed to stand in front of their class in three days and pitch a feature film. I suspect that this is a plot point that was first revealed on the Desktop. I would therefore like to take a moment to spit on the accursed name of Dawson's Desktop. Ptooie! Dawson, completely missing the point that he basically just shat on their (sort of) professional relationship, says he's sure that their teacher would be happy to give Nikki an extension, and assign her a new partner. Very seriously, Nikki says, "I don't want another partner. I want you." Nikki, we need to start seeing other people. Dawson asks her who she thinks she's kidding, because she's probably already got the whole assignment finished already. Nikki looks kind of embarrassed and says, "Well...yeah. But I was going to ask for your ideas!" Dawson says that if she had, she'd realize that he doesn't have any ideas. I could have told her that. Nikki doesn't believe him, and says that he's probably the most creative person in the class. Why, because he made three movies, each more derivative than the last? Dawson corrects her: "As of 8:15, I'm the most creative person not in class." Rolling my eyes this much makes it really hard for me to see my monitor, so please forgive any typos.

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