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Northern Lights

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Northern Lights

Joey walks up the steps at the PB&B as a car, presumably A.J.'s, pulls away. Bessie comes to the door in her pyjamas and says, "Not so fast. A certain boy we both know is waiting to see you." Please not Dawson. Please not Dawson. Please not Dawson. FUCK! It is Dawson. He gets up and apologizes for showing up like this, saying that he knows she just got back from a date. Warningly, she says, "Look, if that's what this is about --" and he says it isn't. She walks toward him, cocking her head suspiciously and asking how he knew about her date. He says that Pacey told him. She sits down and asks him why he's there. He says that he needed to see her: "I suddenly felt very lost." She asks him how he thought he would feel after taking down all his posters and dropping his Film class. He says he didn't think -- he just did it. She asks if, now that he's thought about it, he doesn't know who he is anymore. He says it's something like that. She says she thinks he lost his True North. He nods, and asks her what her True North is. She says she doesn't think she has one. Oh, thank God, because I thought she was going to say it's him. They both lean back in their chairs. Dawson looks up and asks what "that" is. Cut to the non-special non-effects of the fake-o northern lights. Joey says that it's funny: "I have been waiting all night for this, and it happens now, with you." Dawson asks if that's a bad thing. YES. But she says it isn't: "It's just typical." They both look at the sky some more. She says she thought the northern lights would be bluer than that. Cut to Dawson, whose gigantic face clearly states, "It's plenty blue for me. Boo hoo!" Captioning provided by Coca-Cola.

Dude, get those Polaroids off your nipples.

Next time on DC, Dawson kisses a new girl, Jack ends up in the back of a cop car, Pacey ends up behind bars, and Joey wears a floppy hat.

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