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Northern Lights

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Northern Lights

I don't even like Macs, and I want an iBook.

At the party, A.J. walks out of a house carrying two pewter steins and hands one to Joey, who stands outside shivering and distractedly looking at the sky. Joey asks who everyone standing around is. A.J. points out the owner of the house as a mathematician who was A.J.'s mentor at one time. Everyone else is either a grad student of the host, or a prof who enjoys free food. (In other words, "a prof.") Joey's skirt is really insufficient for the weather; it's plainly a summer-weight cotton. She needs a polar-fleece skirt. I have one, and it's warm as fuck. Anyway, A.J. gives Joey some pointers on how to recognize pretentious academic types. Referring to oneself by one's initials is not on the list; poor fashion sense, bad haircuts, and pretentious taste in beverages are, the last because their steins contain mead, which A.J. pours out onto the grass. What a gracious guest! I guess it would have been too hard for him not to take any. A.J. helpfully informs Joey that mead is "what Beowulf drank before he slew Grendel." Joey raises the stein to her lips, and A.J. warns her not to have any, and actually takes it out of her hand, telling her it's alcoholic. Joey flirtatiously says that she "thought college guys looked for opportunities to get high-school girls all liquored up." A.J. says that's the M.O. only for college guys with no imagination: "Alcohol isn't exactly the most sophisticated way to seduce a girl." Yeah, dude -- talking about Beowulf is. Realizing what he's just said, he stammers that he wasn't planning on seducing her, he didn't mean, of course he isn't, and trails off as crowds walk behind them. Saving him, Joey asks where everyone's going, and he says they're avoiding cloud cover, since viewing conditions aren't exactly clear. Hey, one of the extras was smoking! Joey asks if that means they won't see any lights, and A.J. says that it might clear up around midnight. Alarmed, Joey repeats, "Midnight?" A.J. explains why that's the best time to see the lights. I don't care, though. Joey deduces that they have a long wait ahead of them, and A.J. uses a Cinderella metaphor to ask whether Joey has a curfew. She shakes her head, says that she might freeze to death, though, and suggests they go inside. A.J. suggests that they take a walk first instead. Joey looks apprehensive, but agrees. Girls! Always trust your instincts in these situations!

Outside the auditorium, Jack sells tickets and distributes programs. As Dawson purchases his ticket, Andie comes out and asks him where Pacey is. Dawson pompously asks, "As his director, shouldn't you have a better idea of that than I do?" Shut up, Dawson. At least someone on the DC crew knew enough to dress Andie all in black because she'll be backstage. Blah blah blah Pacey's late for curtaincakes. Dawson offers to go look for him. Andie says Dawson should tell Pacey not to worry, because Andie's not going to kill him until after the show. She takes off. Jack watches her go, then turns to Dawson and makes a "yikes" face. I know we're not even at the halfway mark yet, but already this show needs more Jack.

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