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Northern Lights

Dawson walks into the gym, where a costumed Pacey is shooting baskets. Pacey asks how Dawson knew where to find him, to which Dawson replies that he has "the misfortune of knowing how [Pacey's] brain works." It must also be said that Pacey is wearing his stage make-up and some nasty fake sideburns. He bounces the ball to Dawson and notes that the last time they were on a basketball court together, Pacey ended up getting his nose broken. Dawson sniffs that they "don't have time for this." Pacey motions for Dawson to send the ball back and says that he just wants to shoot a couple more, and that it's "all part of the process." Dawson asks why Pacey's so nervous. Uh. Maybe because -- to the knowledge of the viewing audience, anyway -- he's never even been in a play before and now he's the lead? But I'm no psychologist, or anything. Dawson adds that "it's not like Pacey's never acted before," but duh, it's not the same being in your friend's crappy movie when you know no one's ever going to see it, and being in a live play in front of your entire town. God, Dawson's an idiot. Pacey reminds Dawson how many times it took Pacey to "get that sea creature thing right." Dawson smirks, "Good point." Pacey says, as I just did, that no one was there watching him when they made Dawson's movie, and that no ex-girlfriends were counting on him to do a good job in it. Dawson asks Pacey if he enjoys acting. Pacey says that in spite of the fact that he was blackmailed into it, being in the play has been "a blast." Dawson advises him, then, to go on stage and have a blast: "It's all that matters, man -- find what you love to do, and do it." Pacey saves me the trouble, and observes, "This is coming from a guy who gave up his life's passion to hang out with the underachievers in fourth-period study hall, right?" Dawson says that he didn't give it up, but decided to "spread it around a little bit." Ew. Pacey asks when Dawson became "all Zen," since Pacey thought that of all people Dawson would be freaking out the most. Dawson asks why, and Pacey casually mentions Joey's date with "college guy." Dawson, who we're to believe has, until this point, been sinking basket after basket, of course shoots one that misses wildly. Because we've never seen that before. Dawson jogs to get the ball and mutters that he really sucks at this game. And it doesn't even matter to which "game" he's referring -- he's right. Dawson takes the ball with him out the door, calling Pacey "Olivier" and telling him his public awaits. Pacey follows behind, needling Dawson about the possibility that A.J. might be a "sex maniac." Dawson glances over his shoulder, and says, "Joey's a big girl. I'm sure she can take care of herself." Pacey busts out the soulmate crap, but for once Dawson doesn't take the bait, and simply says, "Had to happen eventually. You said that yourself." Pacey reluctantly follows.

Henry walks into the auditorium looking for Jen. She's idly glancing around, and then catches a glimpse of him over her shoulder and hisses his name to flag him down. He tells her he thought they were going to meet out front. Sounding guilty, she says that she thought whoever got there first was supposed to save seats, so she did. She sort of bites her tongue as if bracing for a fight; the reason becomes clear as she introduces Henry to Grams, who is sitting next to her. For some reason, Henry incredulously repeats, "Your grandmother?" as if he's never seen a senior citizen in his life. Grams rises slowly from her chair, clearly not having expected to meet anyone, and shakes Henry's hand, saying it's a "pleasant surprise." Henry gets through the usual pleasantries politely enough. Grams asks Jen why she didn't tell her Henry was coming, since, had she known, Grams would have gladly stayed home so that they could be alone. Before Jen can say anything in response, she notes that the play is starting and they all sit down; Jen manoeuvres in such a way that Grams ends up sitting between herself and Henry. Again I must ask why Jen tried so hard to re-establish ties with Henry if being with him makes her so uncomfortable. It's not that I blame her; it's just that they should have left him off the show entirely, because he adds nothing to it.

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